Through the looking glass

So I’ve been a bit slack on updating the blog. I missed my 4th anniversary and everything! The reasons why? Well, busy real life workload, my photographer deciding to change direction (into video!!) and a general lack of oomph!

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen my outfits – snapped in my bedroom mirror. I decided to put them all together in one post just to see if it re-en-lights my love of blogging!

Here goes – apologies this WILL be picture heavy!!




First up – I love these winter floral trousers from ASOS. I originally bought them back in the early spring and returned them because they were made from a lot thinner material than I wanted when it was cooler AND I didn’t think they were worth the price tag of £30. But when they popped up in the sale at £21 I got them (I think also with 20% off so even cheaper!). I have worn them LOTS since and they are perfect for warmer weather.



Next up for comfort during warm weather are these trousers I got from Simply Be about two years ago. I fear this may be their last year as they are wearing thin on the inner thighs. I’ve not worn them loads this summer because of this but they have been a staple part of my summer wardrobe that last two summers.


As we’re speaking about hot weather wear here are four hot weather outfits. First up is one of my many kimonos I have purchased this summer. This one is from Forever21 main range – it fits perfectly. I teamed it with a new look top which I also picked up in ASOS sale and my old peg leg jersey trousers – also from ASOS (can you see a bit of a theme here?!). The top is great albeit see through! I wore this outfit a few sunday’s ago – for my sewing bee with friends and then dinner with other friends.



The next two are warm weather work outfits. I love a maxi – dress or skirt, no matter! The skirt is a couple of years old from New Look, the top is Alice and You from ASOS. The top is ok – the material is a bit weird as is the fit. But it looks good with a skirt.

The maxi dress is from last year. It’s made from cheesecloth which is crushable and will be perfect for shoving in a suitcase for holidays. The kimono is an old one from Evans I’ve had a few years.


The jumpsuit and cover-up were purchased for my upcoming hot holiday in Crete (my first sunshine holiday abroad since my honeymoon in 2008!!). The jumpsuit is from ASOS (yes it would appear to be the ONLY shop I buy stuff from!) and the cover-up is from Simply Be.






JEANS! Boy my obsession with jeans has imploded a little. I did reduce my jeans right down to four (!!) pairs but it’s slowly crept up to around 10 again. My current love is boyfriend jeans and jeggings. The first picture features my ASOS jeggings. I got them in a 24 and they are really generous. I am tempted to pick up a pair in size 22 and pop these ones in the swap bag as I spent all of Tuesday hauling them up!! The mustard jumper is Alice and you. It’s great all apart from the sleeves which are really baggy.

The next two pictures feature the same pair of jeans but in different sizes. Gina linked me up with these jeans after she bought them. Because ASOS jeans never fit me I went for the size 28 originally which were so generous they fell right off. So I sized down to the 26s…and these are only just staying up. So when Gina was giving away her size 24s I grabbed them and lo and behold they fit! So if you are a size 26/28 definitely try the size 26 – ASOS still have them in stock.

The last two pictures feature my very old jeans. The baggy wide legged are Joe Browns – and are around 4 years old! My jumper is from Simply Be – I sized up to a 30 because I wanted it oversized but actually it was a good job I did because the sizing is really small. I’ve found this with a couple of Simply Be things recently.

And the last pair are a great pair of Evans jeans I got around three years ago and are still going strong. I was inspired by Gabi Fresh with the sequin top. I’ve yet to wear it but intend to rectify that next Friday when I go and check out the new night market which has opened near me.



Next up – I’ve fallen in love with Junarose recently. These bright blue jeans are great! I’ve worn them heaps. Outfit one is a typical work outfit for me and the second outfit is ALL Junarose and I wore it to spend the day with the husband on his birthday.


And here’s the birthday boy wearing his new H&M blazer I bought him. Isn’t he a handsome bean?!



Next up are the same jeans but in grey. I had been hunting high and low for grey jeans and so glad I found a pair.





Some of my favourite outfits recently.

The denim smock dress should not make me feel good but it does! I put it on and feel amazing! Along with the tartan jacket, I felt very trendy!

The red floral dress is from New Look and I loved it for that first wear. Alas its shrunk during washing and is now a tad too tight to feel good in it. So its gone in the swap bag. Sad times.

The third picture features a H&M main range Breton jumper which I love. Plus my gift to myself – Lucien the Lobster. Whenever I wear this bad boy it creates lots of conversations (apart from my work colleague who was like “what the HELL are you wearing round your neck?!” It’s called a lobster Michael!)

And last but not least a surprise super dress! Lolly sent it to me and it fits like it was made for me!! I felt amazing in it and it also invoked me to pop on a pair of heels (THIS NEVER HAPPENS, PEOPLE! NEVER!) and boom – wedding outfit sorted!

So if you haven’t fallen asleep there are some of the outfits I’ve been wearing lately! Do you like seeing these quick and rough outfit shots? If yes, should I make this a weekly/monthly thing I do?? Answers via social media and the comments sections if you could be so kind!



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