A tale of fancy dress and broken legs



Back in early March I was contacted by the lovely folks at Jokers’ Masquerade to see if I wanted to review one of their fancy dress costumes. I love fancy dress but have never been able to find anything to fit me. For occasions like Halloween, I’ve always ended up making my own outfits. I picked the wartime officer’s uniform – envisioning myself heading off to one of the Blitz party events.

They also asked me a few questions about myself and costumes. Here are the questions and my answers:

1. What was the first fancy dress costume that you ever wore? The first one I remember was going as a cracker and my brother as a present to a school Christmas disco. We won best costume as well!  My mum must have spent ages making them. 
2. Do you like dressing up? Kinda. It was more fun at Uni – I had a cross-dressing fancy dress party for my 22nd – but since then not really! 
3. If you could dress as anything for Halloween what would it be? Either Maleficent or Ursula from Little Mermaid! 

4. What’s the dressing up culture like in Japan? The dressing up culture – cosplay – is pretty big and mainstream in Japan. Most teenagers have dressed at some point or another. Whether thats as their favourite anime character or trend – like Lolita, Mori Girl, Kei etc. Its not strange to see people wearing costumes out and about. Also places like Harajuku in Tokyo is renowned for people dressing up.  

5. What made you pick the Wartime officer costume? Have do you feel about 40s fashions? I like the 40s fashion style – quite tailored and masculine in its fit. Women were able to wear what was practical during this era – rather than what just looked fashionable. Although I don’t have a desire to dress like it everyday, it is a fashion era I look to for inspiration from time to time. 


Alas when the costume arrived, it was closer to a size 18 than a size 26 and wouldn’t go anywhere near me. So I was going to offer it up to one of my friends to review but unfortunately, she’s managed to break her leg in two places! So the costume is currently sitting unworn in the wardrobe.

The selection of costumes at Joker’s Masquerade is really good – it’s just a shame the plus size outfits are a bit hit & miss. But if you are the lower end of plus size range do give it a try! I however, will continue to home-make my outfits.

If you would like costume I have, please comment or drop me an email and it shall be yours!

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