Pinspiration: outfit one

About 18 months ago, I discovered pinterest (I wrote about it here) and ever since then, I’ve spent  HOURS on it looking for inspiration (or pinspiration) for the contents of my wardrobe.  Since my discover, I have bought about 50% less clothes and worn my existing wardrobe MUCH more.

I’ve also found myself re-pinning outfits from other bloggers. One person who I find myself re-pinning a lot of pins (and vice versa) is Becky. So when she emailed to see if I fancied doing a collaboration from our mutual pinterest pins, I responded with a resounding YES!

We plan to post on the first Sunday of every month. So here is outfit number one – inspired by this picture:



Tunic, denim shirt, statement necklace.


As much as I’d love a chartreuse coloured tunic, I can’t find one. SO I’m making do with my beloved leather dress. I have worn this dress so much and I always get comments on it. The denim shirt is one I got from Naomi at a swap and the necklace is one of my new purchases from Forever 21. The jewellery from there is bang on trend and MEGA cheap.

Here are a few including my head and new Forever 21 earrings:






My hair is now back to its natural colour – its been YEARS since I’ve had no colour in my hair – and I’m sure it wasn’t this nice when I started dying it!! I’m not sure what I’ll do next – colour wise. I think Becky and I have decided on our next outfit…check it out in a month!


So do you use Pinterest? If so what do you pin and why?



One thought on “Pinspiration: outfit one

  1. Wow! I love this idea… I found Pinterest around the same time as you when I was into my jewellery making…. unfortunately both Pinterest and the jewellery making have taken a back seat of late, but reading this post I think it may need to be resurrected!!! Great post xxx

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