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Good Friday was spent with friends and their two kids. So my outfit needed to be comfy to be crawling around the floor with the baby and crafting with the toddler. I threw on my super comfy junarose grey jeggings – I love them! They are possibly a bit too long in the leg but I like the look of them ruched around my ankle. The t-shirt/dress is from H&M+  and was dirt cheap so I didn’t mind if it got grubby hands, baby drool and other messes on it! I know people moan about H&M+ range but I don’t go there looking for on trend stuff – I go for my basics. Cheap t-shirts, dresses, skirts. Oh and FYI I fit into a lot of the main range XL (22/24) size stuff – especially skirts and leggings so don’t write them off. Just don’t expect to be wowed!! Lastly, my blazer is about three years old and was a gift from my friend (and ex-blogger) Rebecca. During the spring and summer I wear it constantly. Its 100% cotton and from Old Navy.

I’ve been suffering a real style slump recently and a lack of confidence about how I look and I’m not entirely sure what to do to feel better. Changing my hair usually works but it hasn’t this time. So whilst this isn’t the most amazing outfit, I want to try and use the blog to make me feel better about how I look.

How do you boost your confidence and image of yourself?

9 thoughts on “Scruffy outfit

  1. Shake up your wardrobe and buy a statement necklace with some funky shoes. Choose a comfy outfit, the one you are wearing looks great, they have an amazing necklace in Top shop at the moment that is chunky pineapples that will match your bracelets and emerald green sneakers. Those pops will distract you away from what is bothering you and you will remember what a great, fun person you are!
    P.s thanks for the last post, your photo inspired me to get the Anna Scholz jacket on e-bay x

  2. I have been feeling shit lately, have put on a little weight and my clothes feel tight/uncomfortable and I just don’t feel myself. While I am not going to go buying larger clothes, I plan to start taking more care of myself by eating better, making sure my hair is done and that I am turned out well. Today was the first time in over 2 months that I even bothered to dry my hair and GHD it. Also got my eyebrows waxed and did a face pack and put on the full make up, got my nails done (always get a shellac manicure every 3 weeks) Those small things make me feel so much better about myself. Going to cut down on all the coffee I drink, get more water into me and eat better for me. Yes, to lose the weight I gained but on the whole I am happy with my size just not happy with the lack of self confidence of late. Normally I dress well and think I look well but of late…😦

    I also would like to remind you how much you inspire me and how I love your funky cool style. So the only thing I can suggest is to do the little things to remind yourself how great you are and that you deserve to look after yourself and to be looked after. You rock!!


    • Thanks Caroline! I think I just need to start dressing in things i feel comfy in and not worry too much. I’ve navigated back to jeans and I think I just need to wear those for a while.

  3. You don’t look scruffy, you look subtle and understated. But the colours do reflect an overcast sky which I think reflects your mood. However I see that the mustard has still crept in there so there is still hope! Please know it’s because of you that I discovered the PS community… I went to my first clothes swap and met Elena, who introduced me to Tanya and Nicola, and on Wednesday I’m going to my first PS social gathering where I hope to make more new friends. You have given me a whole new outlook on life, and I will be forever in your debt. Remember you can never know how far your influence reaches and that the tiniest kindness can bring great happiness, even to a total stranger.

    • Well said Jane! We’re all on this blog because we’re happy and healthy and know what we want. We just can’t get it! You are inspirational and just remember, we are the reason why God invented Lycra x

  4. I love your blog. I am relatively new to the UK and have no idea where to shop for my size. I always feel like a hobo and as a consultant I am supposed to look professional. Fail.
    But I read this article and have decided that I don’t care what people think. I want to be fabulous for *me*. Check out the Ms. Gala speech by Gabourey Sibide for some inspiration.
    I look at your pictures and now that style doesn’t only come in single digit sizes. Thank you for that.

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