Cutting the mustard

Hi! My name is Claire and I am addicted to the colour mustard.

Over the last eight months or so, finding various mustard coloured items has been my mission. I have wanted trousers, cardigans, jumpers, dresses, shoes and scarves all in this wonderful colour. Its been challenging – mustard coloured items for fatties seems to be rare. However, my diligence is paying off. I have now got a mustard jumper, cardigan and now this dress!


This dress! It was a bit of a fluke getting it. I was browsing ASOS sale and it popped up in my search – I clicked on it thinking,  “it’ll say out of stock”, but no! It was in stock in my size and for £10.50 – I – of course – bought it right away. It’s made from an acrylic knit and is quite thin so it’s not boiling to wear. In fact I wore it the other day to work and I didn’t overheat.

The cropped biker is from the first Beth Ditto collection and I picked up at a recent swap I went to. I’ve wanted one for ages so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it.

bird necklace

Also doesn’t my Blackheart Creatives necklace tie in perfectly with my outfit? The gorgeous Charlotte happily makes my bespoke requests and I adore the quality of them! I couldn’t recommend buying stuff from the store enough!

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