Fashion Loves Photos

I know I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who not only takes photos of me for my blog but also loves doing it. I also know that a few of you out there really want to have great pictures but either can’t find a willing photographer or have someone who point-blank refuses to take pictures of you.

Well fear not! The ever so talented Diana may be the answer! Those of you who came to Plus London one and two will remember Diana as the pop up studio photographer. She has decided to offer up some packages for bloggers. Those are:

3 images: £50
6 images: £80
10 images: £150

What you will get is the shots and some simple editing (blemish removal etc). This offer is only open to those that have  a blog which has been in existence for longer than a month and also updated within a month. It’s not limited to fashion bloggers.

Over the last few years Diana has taken a fair few pictures of me – here are a selection!




me PL1




She makes me look pretty darn good right? So if you have a spare bit of cash floating around and want to have some professional shots then don’t hesitate to contact Diana.

**I did this post as a gesture of goodwill. I am not getting any form of payment for it. Yes, I am that nice!**

5 thoughts on “Fashion Loves Photos

  1. Great photos! I love the ones of you with your girlfriends. Off topic, but I remember you posting pictures in this blue and gold dress before, and the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Where is it from? Any chance it’s still available? I have similar coloring to you, and it looks lovely on you, so I’m hoping it’s still out there somewhere! Thanks!


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