Just a Fat Girl With A lisp


A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a text which went like this:

“Would you consider being in a video about plus size bloggers? Or rather, could we make a video about you and your life as a fashion blogger?”

To put some context around it, my friend works for the BBC in the Video Features / On Demand Planning division of the BBC news department. This the area which makes those short video clips you see on the BBC new online magazine.

My initial reaction was HELL NO! I had been filmed for Plus London and I ended up featuring in Hello Magazine  and I hated how I sounded. Like Croc from Grotbags, lisping away and my HANDS! I wanted to chop them off. But after mulling it over (and offering to find more interesting subjects to film than me!) I said “ok then”.

So then commenced a million phone calls, emails and text between me, my friend and the video journalist (VJ), Susannah, until we eventually decided on a theme, a place and a time.

I took a day off work for Susannah to come and interview me at home plus she also followed me to a couple of events I had on. The day of filming was a very long and repetitive one – I am not the most patient of people  – so having to repeat myself a number of times to get the right shot was tedious and towards the end I was getting a bit tetchy! Being filmed at the events was more fun – as there was less focus on me due to other people being around. I also coerced a few people (thanks Katie, Amanda and Lauren!) into being filmed as well. Plus Anna Scholz was happy to chat to Susannah as well – which is great!

Anyway – all that hard work paid off and here is the piece!


I must say all the credit must go to Susannah’s amazing editing skills and Sarah (my lovely friend) for having the brain wave in the first place. I am merely the means to the end.

As a sum up – I probably wouldn’t do it again- I didn’t hate it but it definitely helped reaffirm that I have no wish for fame and glory! However, it was a wonderful experience and a story I can bore my friends with to replace my usual “when I was in Japan…”. Now it’ll be “when I was filmed by the BBC”…

21 thoughts on “Just a Fat Girl With A lisp

  1. I didn’t even notice a lisp! You are far too harsh on yourself. I thought you were lovely! And you share my love of Japan! _< I saw a glimpse of something Japanese in your wardrobe. I love kimono and wear them! I have been practising kitsuke for 8 years. I am a size 18-20 and I love when I get a chance to show larger sized ladies that even they can wear kimono!🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  2. So inspiring🙂 well done for actually getting the courage and going ahead with it! I bet you’re so pleased now you’ve done it! Great video and great post🙂

  3. Just watched it and thought you came across really well. There will be people in shock across the country now – ‘big women who think they have a right to fashionable clothes?? Maud, fetch the barbed wire- we don’t want them in this shop!’
    Well I would also like big SEXY clothes, and I don’t mean basques and suspender belts (have loads of them!) but everyday stuff that doesn’t have to be shapeless and have a high neckline. I love my luscious bod and want to show it off in a non tarty way. If this possible????

    • I know Bev! Its about being sensual and feeling attractive not just dressing up provocatively (although there is always room for that!)…slowly we’ll get there.

  4. I came here via the BBC item and was delighted to find not only your blog but also a whole community of plus-size bloggers in the UK. You have no idea what this means to me. Not only do you look (and sound) fantastic, you’re also providing a valuable public service. Many thanks for overcoming your initial reluctance and getting this video out there.

  5. Hello! I just happened to see the BBC Magazine feature – really well done! I agree — you look and sound fantastic. I have to ask though, did you pick the soundtrack?😉 Other than the music on loop, I’d say it was a refreshingly serious, interesting, and fun piece (not patronizing as some of these articles can be).

    I have a friend in the UK who tells me that a lot of posh people speak with lisps. Perhaps we should call you Lady Chattermonkey.😉 Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say that I really enjoyed seeing you and the other bloggers featured!

  6. I wish I could edit my previous comment. I just realized it must sound really rude (my comment about the song). And those smilies look a bit snarky. My apologies — it’s very late here in the States!

    • No offence taken Joy. I didn’t pick the music – that was the editor. Its not my choice but it doesn’t detract from the message which is the important thing. Please don’t call me Lady Chattermonkey –😛 – it doesn’t fit my working class image. I was surprised how “posh” I sounded…you could barely detect my London accent.

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