The seven deadly sins of plus size

When it comes to clothes we all have those items we would like to put into room 101 never to be seen again. Becky and I were having a chat earlier this week about those items we hate – our seven deadly sins – and we decided to post about it.

Before I launch into my vitriolic rant about what I hate, it is well known that one woman’s poison is another woman’s passion.  So I’m sorry if you love what I hate – but hey, its means I wont be snapping them up before you.

The Fugly List:

1. hanky hems

Hanky hem (1)

I am yet to meet a woman who likes these! I’m not even sure I understand the thought process behind them!!!

2.  butterfly print

butterfly print (1)

There is someone out there who thought “you know what lets cover everything plus size in butterflies. Fat women LOVE them”…well this fat woman does not! And I know I’m not alone. I counted 20 butterfly print items on one retailer’s site. Change the record already!!

3. bubble hem

Bubble hem (1)Why would I want to wear something that cups my VBO? Why?! The only thing these tops are good for is bedtime where they keep my belly warm.

4. large motifs

Large motifs

Just urgh! Just because I am fat doesn’t mean I don’t want to dress well. Also this top is my idea of fashion hell – hanky hem, butterflies AND a large motif.

5. cold shoulders

cold shoulders (1)

Why?? WHY??! What? I just don’t get it.

6.  skater dresses 


I know some of you love and wear these but I cannot stand them! I wouldn’t mind if they were among a number of dress shapes but for some retailers they are the ONLY dress shape. Its so fucking DULL!

7. quirky prints

quirky prints

Similar to large motifs just because I’m fat does not mean I should dress like a five year old. I mean come on – this jumper is not even so bad its good.

SO what do I want to wear? Well,  check out my pinterest board for a start and here’s a selection from non plus size stores:

Interesting cuts (1) How I want to dress (1) cute dress (1) Fab (1) Kimono (1) 16B04FBLK_4_large (1) 16J15FCRM_large (1) 16S03FMUL_large (1) brights (1) Long relaxed tailoring

I want classic cuts, well tailored clothes in natural fabrics. I want to be able to walk into an actual store and find these clothes in my size. I want on trend prints, colours and shapes instead of two or three years down the line (err hello Peter Pan collars SO 2011 but everywhere in plus size fashion currently). I want to drum into every retailers head the mantra “FAT DOES NOT EQUAL UNFASHIONABLE”. Basically I want any one no matter what size to be able to wear what they want. I appreciate that some of you will be rolling your eyes and going “how dull” but its each to their own. Basically I know that most of us don’t want to have to wade through 300 items of crap just to find one good piece.

Don’t forget to check out Becky’s fugly list

16 thoughts on “The seven deadly sins of plus size

  1. I want a nice, crisp, white cotton shirt for work, with just a bit of tailoring to accentuate my waist,is that too much to ask? Yes if you are over a size 14. Found one that looked perfect – until I realised it has one of those stupid high at the front low at the back hem things going on.

    I can have no end of white blouses in a lovely flammable polyester. ( plus sized retailers must own a LOT of shares in the nylon / polyester manufacturing industry.)

    Or how about a blouse that goes straight up and straight down, because fat women don’t have waists so why bother tailoring their clothes? Why can’t I buy a nice white blouse like other women????

    In the interest of total disclosure, I have a cold shoulder t-shirt, but it was £4 in a sale, and I only wear it to slob around the house, I promise😉

  2. Although I am with you that hanky hems, bubble hems, cold shoulders are heinous and butterflies are as overdone as the butterfly tat I have at the bottom of my back. I do like a skater dress and a quirky print (see my star trek, gnome dress etc) I think I will always be prone to attacks of the 5 year old really, I blame it on wearing a lot of boyish clothes as a kid. I like your choices from your pintrest board they are very understated and elegant, I particularly like the mustard jumper and the kimono dress. What I really love is that I think we are gradually as plus sized women getting a better range of choices so that everyone can use fashion as a way to express their personalities, although we still have a way to go and I look forward to a day where we are better catered for on the High Street

  3. I think floral patterns need to join a 101 list too! When we first met, my OH thought I loved floral prints – no, it’s just what one particular high street plus-size store seemed to sell. I’ve got lots of floral because it was the best of a bad bunch – often with a butterfly too. I do like a skater dress tho🙂 and would like to know where Vicky in the above comnent got her gnome one!

  4. And why does everything have such high neck lines? I might not be skinny but I’ve got a good pair (according to hubby at least). I like to show a bit of cleavage rather a neckline which makes my boobs look like they’re round my waist!

  5. I hate hanky hems essentially they look like your belly is so big the front of your shirt could not accomodate. And cold sholder wth is with those I see a shirt i love oops nope fricken holes in the damned sleeves. One you didnt mention is the whole Hi lo treen I wish that would crawl away and die

  6. With you on all except the skater dress. Maybe its because I am tall and they fit well.., but guilty on that one.

    • me too though they are usually short on me but i just pair with leggings and skinny jeans I sorta love skater dresses because i dont have any hips and the kinda make me look like i have some

      • Nothing to feel guilty about – its your choice. Just because they are on my 101 list, doesn’t mean I’m saying no one should wear them. Each to their own!

  7. Skater dresses are too short for my liking. I ordered one from Forever 21+ that was navy and had cute crocheting on it. Little did I know there were cutouts on the side and my privates were going to be exposed if I sneezed or had to sit down

  8. I hate manufacturers who are sizest. It is up to me if I look hideous in a garment designed with size 8 in mind. I should have the same choice of clothes as the size 8 person. it should be illegal to discriminate against any woman or man on the grounds of size. I am also convinced that larger sizes are not priced as low as they could be, but the bigger person doesn’t have a bigger budget. So, I want same designs from Size 8 to 30 and all prices averaged out. Then I could ditch the hanky hem butterfly frock!

    • most manufacturers are and what i don’t get is that they say it doesn’t make business sense to carry more in larger sizes. But when you look at clearance items almost everything is xs s or the smaller range. So clearly your larger items are selling and your smaller items arent so wouldnt it make more sense to carry more larger sizes ?

  9. I love a skater dress because I am a petite fat and they’re just the right length on me; also because they make a change from my customary empire-line. And I’m not averse to a quirky print just as long as it’s a really good one. But I certainly hear you on everything else, especially bubble/blouson hems on otherwise perfectly pleasant garments. Who are they supposed to look good on exactly?

  10. Well, I must be unusual as I don’t mind a hanky hem! It entirely depends on length (I prefer when a dress/tunic length as it doesn’t look like its simply camouflage for hips!), material and styling. Some are just plain ugly, but some are gorgeous. My skinny friends wear them at times too…

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