ASOS Curve – SS14 Lookbook

If I’m honest, most of this coming SS14 season does not excite me. I discovered recently that my style has morphed into a sea of grey, navy and black with the odd stripe but no really bright colours (except mustard!). So with the shops starting to bloom in waves of pastals, hot pinks and florals I’m kinda a bit “meh” about it all.

However, there were a few pieces in the upcoming CURVE collection which caught my eye:

ASOS CURVE cami dress in denim £40


Demin cami dress (£40)

The dress will mean me reliving my teenage years in a denim cami – trying to pretend I am from a cool grunge band! With funky tights and converse and possibly a weird hair colour.

ASOS CURVE premium crochet lace midi dress £65 (1)


Crochet dress (£65)

Ah! This crochet dress is beautiful, I have a wedding to go to in late summer and this would be perfect! Also it has a wiff of Angela Chase about it right? Because even 20 years(!!) on  the character still has a place in my fashion heart.

When I was first thinking about what I wanted to wear to my own wedding, this Carrie outfit popped in my head:



But back in 2007 there was nothing this cool for plus size women. I looked but all I could find was mother of bride looking outfits that didn’t quite tick all the boxes! Plus I was 27 and I think I felt I was a bit too young for the outfit.

Now after all my earlier bemoaning of florals, this blazer has spoken to me because of the Carrie outfit:

ASOS CURVE longline blazer in floral £55


Floral longline blazer (£55)

I have another (!!) wedding in late September, so in my head I would be wearing this blazer, a cream or white plain dress (although I do like the dress in the picture above) and I will look sophisticated and cool. Whether I actually end up looking like that is another matter!!

So how do you all feel about the upcoming season and more importantly the ASOS curve collection? Do you love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

2 thoughts on “ASOS Curve – SS14 Lookbook

  1. That crochet dress!!! Summer perfection, I love it! And the blue blazer is gorgeous as well🙂

  2. That crochet dress!!! Summer perfection, I love it! The blue blazer is gorgeous as well🙂

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