Diamond Geezer

77 Diamonds is celebrating all of the diamond best friends out there this Valentine’s Day so have asked me to blog about what makes my best friend so special.

As corny as it sounds but my actual best friend is my husband. I know you are currently rolling your eyes and going “urgh, utter sop!” but before you turn away completely, let me explain why.

I have friends who are close and who I love to bits but never before have I been able to spend weeks in just one person’s company and not want to kill them after the first three days – yet I can with him. I can share a room, a bed and a bathroom with him and it doesn’t make me want to slit my wrist. I can be totally myself with him and I can make mistakes and know he will still love me. I tell him everything – when I’ve done something I’m proud of or when I’ve done something embarrassing. I love his intelligence and his sense of humour.

He is my biggest supporter and my loudest critic and I respect his opinion far more than anyone else’s. He will get out of bed and come and find me when I am drunk and lost after a Christmas party. He will go shopping for the ingredients of my favourite cocktail to celebrate my successes and he will bake me a cake when I am sad. He will also tell me I’m being an idiot or unfair.  He can make me laugh genuine belly laughs pretty much every day. I want to spend time with him.  He would do anything for me – as I would do for him. He’s my rock and I am his. We fight – big screaming throwing crashing fights – but I can do that with him because I know its just who we are and once we’ve both calmed down and said sorry, he’s still there for me.

I put a lot of this down to the fact we were friends before we got together and the fact we spent the first six month’s of our relationship on opposite sides of the world. We learnt to talk  – about our dreams, our problems, through any issues. It meant when I came back to the UK, we already knew how the other person ticked and it has laid a strong foundation.  I really can’t remember what life was like before he was around. I know there was a life before but sometimes I go “oh remember the time when…” and he’ll say “no, I wasn’t at uni/school/your first job with you.”. I wake up in the middle of the night and pinch myself that this wonderful person is not only my husband but my best friend.

I am not romantic – these are all things I say to him – but will top it off with an insult – he is a complete dumbass! He forgets things, he looses keys, breaks things, is messy and never does any housework!

So here is to my diamond geezer – the absolute buffoon!


picture taken by me!

4 thoughts on “Diamond Geezer

  1. Hi!🙂 I always read your blog…but I don’t usually comment. But I LOVE your Diamond Geezer post! So nice!🙂 Hope it was ok to say hello?

  2. I know exactly what you mean, you’ve summed up so perfectly what I feel about my bloke. I think when you find the person you’re meant to be with, they are your closes friend, the one that you turn to, can laugh with, share everything with. But I bet your man feels the same about you, knowing what a lovely person that you are. Yes, this post has made me smile for certain.

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