Attack of the Cookie Monster!

Otherwise known as my Christmas eve and day outfits!

We spent Christmas in the north this year and boy was it nice to get some bracing clear cold weather rather than the muggy wet mildness we’ve had in London. So I took full advantage and wore my new coat and hat!

Christmas Eve


Coat – ASOS

Jeans – New Look (gifted from Gina)


Hat – New Look (similar)

Scarf – gifted

Christmas Day


All the same as above except:

Trousers – ASOS

The coat has been lusted over ever since I saw this picture back in early autumn:

Cookie monster

I lovingly call it the “cookie monster” coat. I was going to get it for my birthday but it wasn’t available in time so I got something else. So the husband was going to buy it for Christmas for me but then he decided he wanted to get me some other bits (namely a sewing machine and a new kindle!!) so I bought it for myself with a discount code and a voucher I had (reduced it down to £60) and when it arrived, I wasn’t sure. I resolutely refuse to wear black as a winter coat – too bleak – but the colour and texture of this coat made me unsure. Also – lets face it – I don’t look like Naomi Shimada so it was always going to be a little bit of a let down when I tried it on! However, after styling it up (I’d previously been trying it over my pjs – never a good look!), I fell in love.

I kinda failed in packing for my few days away – I didn’t pack pajama bottoms and also failed to pack anything colour coordinated. Hence why I look like a crazy lady on Christmas day! Also I realise that the combo of the hat and the coat is a bit OTT but I kinda like it. Plus, I didn’t raise a single eyebrow in the small northern town I was in – where my mother has taught half the population and everyone knows me – so it can’t have been that bad. Plus my little sister was in a bright red coat and Totoro tights.  It obviously runs in the family…




Oyster shell photography


Crazy Christmas eye makeup


One thought on “Attack of the Cookie Monster!

  1. I would never have bought that coat but seeing it on you, it looks amazing and as I see it is on sale, I might just have t give it a go!!!. I really love the converse as well. Perfect holiday wear. Looking good girl x

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