Party Dress Test

Just before Christmas contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of a the Party Dress Test. Vouchercodes had done a bit of research and found that most people spend an average of £119 on an outfit for Christmas/New Year. It also discovered that this purchase is likely to sit unworn in the wardrobe for a year or more after the festive season is over.

Vouchercodes challenged me to buy a dress plus accessories for £80 or less and style it three ways. I have heaps of accessories and shoes so I decided to spend my money wisely on items I would use time and time again – so this is what I bought:

Leather t-shirt dress – £56

leather t-shirt dress

Denim bomber jacket – £28.50

Denim bomber

Total = £84.50

The total was a little over but I had £5 worth of birthday voucher left so it cost me £79.50 in total. I decided to go for the leather dress because I’ve been dribbling over it for ages – even more so when Amanda wore it to Plus London . It could potentially be a dress which rarely gets worn so it was a great challenge for me to make it workable. I also choose the bomber jacket because its been in my saved items for months. I have discovered the reason I don’t wear my denim jacket very often is because I feel very bulky in it. I have a black cotton bomber jacket which I wear to death during the warmer months so I thought a denim bomber would kill two birds.

I debated styling the dress three different ways for going out but in the end went for work, rest and play outfits. Here’s what I came up with:




Blazer – New Look 

Shoes – New Look (sold out)

Bird necklace – custom made by Blackheart Creatives

Tights (yes, I am wear them!) – Evans




Dress and Jacket – as above

Leggings – Evans

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins




Kimono – New Look 

Boots – New Look (similar)

Necklace – Forever21

So there you have it – three looks for one dress. Which one is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Party Dress Test

  1. I love the work look but also love it with that necklace for play! This is a dress i would never even look twice at online but seeing it on you has opened my eyes to all the leather i could be wearing! 👍

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