Before I start I want to make it VERY clear that this post is about my thoughts. It is not about anyone in particular.

When people find out I have a blog the first question they always ask is “why do you blog?”. The second is “do you get any freebies?”.
Over the last few years blogging has become synonymous with freebies. We read blog upon blog where the blogger talks about an item they have been gifted. I sometimes stop reading blogs if every single post is a review or sponsored. That isn’t why I blog and it isn’t why I read blogs.
However are freebies something that should be an entitlement of blogging or are they a by-product? My thoughts? Freebies, brand event invites, modelling deals, nominations for awards – these are all by-products. This is because I started blogging because I wanted to talk about my wardrobe and my love of clothes and my new decision to like who I was and no longer diet.
The fact that people follow my wittering into the blogosphere, is wonderful! The fact I get invites to go to new product launches, meet celebrities who are doing endorsements and get free clothes is all a massive bonus! But I blogged before all these things came along, and I will blog after they have gone.
I love my blog, I love thinking about what post am I going to write. I pretty much dress everyday with my blog in mind – this may sound sad to some people – but it makes me happy. And you have to be a mean old sod to deny someone a bit of harmless happiness.
What makes my blood boil is the jealousy which rages on Twitter and across blogs from time to time. It’s really not a competition! There is room in blogging for anyone with access to a blog and the ability to type. Don’t begrudge someone for getting to design a dress for a blog. Don’t begrudge someone for having more followers than you and don’t begrudge someone for getting a few free clothes.
So someone has thousands of followers and you have five – so what! For those five people your blog is likely to inspire them and make them feel better about themselves. To me that is priceless and worth more than any free item I may get sent.
I got asked recently what my biggest blogging highlight is. I don’t actually have one – I have a few. They are:
• Having someone in the toilets at work tell me they read my blog and that it inspires
• Having a blogger say to me that Plus London Two changed their life and seeing how happy that blogger is now
• Having a reader come up to me and a few other bloggers in a restaurant and say how much she loves our blogs
For me these things are what blogging about and it’s why I have ran myself virtually into the ground twice planning and organising Plus London whilst holding down a demanding full time job.
So let me put it out there to the vote – use the poll to tell me why you blog. I’m interested in what motivates people into putting words to screen.

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  1. I primarily blog to reach out to likeminded souls, document some of my better outfits, and have somewhere to talk about fat politics, body image, ageism, and any other related stuff that gets up my hooter. I joined the lj Fatshionista community at a time when more decent clothing was finally becoming available to me for the first time in well over a decade. It was a year before I posted an OOTD because I felt so ashamed of my vaguely arty, middle-aged fat-lady wardrobe. The support I got there really helped me re-connect with my sartorial self, so a blog was a logical progression.

    My first blog was solely about FA, but I found it hard to generate material on a regular ongoing basis like the writers I most admired, so I abandoned it until I had more of an idea of what I did want to blog about. It’s not that fatshion necessarily interests me more than any other aspect of FA, (though if I’m honest it probably does), it’s just I feel I have more to say about it.

    Fatshion also interests me more than fashion does, which is why I rarely write about catwalk trends, suggest how to ape celebrity style or make endless wishlists. I suspect that, combined with my age, is why I’m not approached to review stuff. Part of me does feel a bit snubbed and wistful too because it evokes uncomfortable playground outsider-ish feelings every former fat kid can relate to. But, when I’m honest, much as I love the idea of free clothes, there are few manufacturers I’d feel happy promoting. I also imagine there’d be a certain amount of pressure and obligation involved and I definitely wouldn’t like that.

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