Meeting Live Unlimited

As you know, I’m co-hosting Plus London this year so on Thursday, Michelle and I attended Live Unlimited‘s head quarters along with a few other bloggers to talk about the brand.

I was rubbish and didn’t get many pictures because I was too busy catching up with the likes of BeckyHannaMouna, and other Becky. As well as spending so quality time with Naomi who I haven’t had chance to speak to in far too long! Plus I got to meet a few new bloggers too. Always a great thing!

The brand has been around for sometimes but Live Unlimited is its first line which it’s designed for itself. The company – for example – designs clothes for Debenhams and Wallis as well as designing Evans “Collection” line.  We got to try on the clothes and talk about what we did and didn’t like about the range (dual sizing – NO! high quality funky items – YES!). It also gave me a chance to pitch Plus London to the director in the hope they will be there. Watch this space to see if I managed to pull it off!!

I did manage to get two pictures – one taken by Naomi. The other one is taken by me. Both Michelle and I are in the amazing grey jersey biker which should be coming into store shortly for the new collection.


NG looking amazing in the ASOS animal print swing dress. I’m in my underworn cream midi skirt!


Michelle is slightly fuzzy because she was dancing! Always dancing!

And here are some of my favourite items from the range:

Faux fur - LULtd

Faux fur gilet 

Firework dress - LULtd

“firework” dress 

Jersey biker - LULtd

Jersey biker jacket

PU skirt - LULtd

PU panel pencil skirt

In my opinion, this is one of the best ranges to come out of Evans. It’s what a lot of us have been asking for. Now it might not quite be ASOS curve  but it’s up there. There is still some things I don’t like but overall I would happily spend my money on it!

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