Sea Horses (and birds)



Vest – New Look

Cardi – Ann Harvey

Trousers – ASOS

Scarf – eBay

It is fast becoming a tradition that whenever we want something fun today, the husband and I head off to Whitstable (see here, here and here). Last year – due to be me being really unwell – instead of celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary with the planned garden party, we went to Whitstable instead.  This year was no different and we spent the late afternoon and most of the evening by the sea. We enjoyed the live music being played at the local festival, some good seafood, a messy ice cream and just some quiet time watching the sea and reading. Perfect.

I wore an outfit that is so close to my pajamas the husband sometimes gets confused! The peg leg jersey trousers from ASOS are ridiculously big but wonderfully comfortable. The cosy cardigan from Ann Harvey was something I bought just as the chain was closing down and it was reduced from rather astronomical price of £55 down to £10. I’m not sure if you can see the vest top I’m wearing, but rather unsurprisingly, it has birds on!

The scarf is one of three I picked up from eBay for a cheap price. I have a thing about scarves at the moment.

My colleague commented that he thinks the husband and I will retire to Whitstable – he’s not far wrong but it is a toss up between Whitstable and Dunoon!

Do you have a regular bolt hole you visit lots and never tire of?


2 thoughts on “Sea Horses (and birds)

  1. Beautiful photos! My favorite excursion is Asheville in North Carolina. A fun little mountain town that focuses on locally grown food and local art and talents. Love it🙂

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