Make Like James Bond

I don’t think many people believe me when I tell them that being fat has never stopped me from doing something I want. But honestly, it doesn’t.

Take today for example;

Ever since I watched my first ever Bond film – Goldfinger – I have loved Aston Martins. The sole reason I have learnt to drive is in the hope of one day owning one. I love the DB5 – the ultimate classic but I pretty much love all the others in the range – the vanquish, the vantage, the DB series – even a DB7.  If it has Aston Martin in its name then I’d happily own it. With perhaps the exception of the cygnet. But even then, if it has the growl maybe just maybe!

Anyway, for our sixth anniversary, the husband gifted me a track day with the option of driving an Aston Martin DB9. A few laps around an airfield in deepest darkest Essex on a cold and overcast Friday morning is up there as one of the most AMAZING things I have ever done! Here are some pictures the husband took.


Me bringing her in after my laps


Never happier!



Jumper – Joe Browns

Jacket – New Look

T-shirt (just seen) New Look

Jeans – New Look

Brogues – Dorothy Perkins

Scarf – Next



Never let anyone tell you that being fat will stop you from doing anything! The most important person to tell is yourself. I drove that beast today and I drove it fast and it was amazing! And not once did my size effect that.

4 thoughts on “Make Like James Bond

  1. I’m a huge Aston Martin fan, especially the DB series, so I am immensely jealous! What an amazing gift! You look fab, love your coat especially.

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