A Coat Of Many Colours

Winter is coming. The nights are getting longer – I switched the lights on before 8pm yesterday – and the mornings and evenings have that distinct nip to them. I love autumn and winter! I am the epitome of an autumn born child. I spent most of yesterday browsing pinterest pictures of cosy layered autumnal outfits. I haven’t bought a new winter coat for about three years. I’ve been making do with my lovely fur bargain from ASOS – this one:


I love it but its time for it to find a new home and for me to purchase a new coat!!

I have my eye on two and I really can’t decide which one I should (save up for) and buy! So seeing as I haven’t done any voting for a while – I’m going to let you lot help me choose! Even if its a case of you picking one and me deciding I prefer the other.

So first up: The Parker


ASOS Curve

Price: £75


  • it has a hood
  • it has a removable lining so can be worn into the spring as well
  • I love the colour
  • it’s a kinda timeless coat and will last more than a year
  • it fulfils my indie girl loves – baggy jeans, converse and a parker – reliving those Oasis/Blur music offs with my brother
  • I will feel 17 again in it
  • its made from 100% pure cotton


  • not sure about the fur trim around the hood – to teenager-y?
  • it’s not very smart
  • I will feel 17 again in it
  • it might not be warm enough

The next one up is the Mogg Jacket.



Price: £120


  • the shape is lovely
  • I love the colour
  • its trendy
  • it fulfils my wannabe punky edge – with the pu and the studs
  • Its smart so will look good for going out, at work and for the weekends


  • its more expensive
  • it’s not 100% wool
  • is it too “one seasonal”?
  • it doesn’t have a hood
  • not entirely sold on the studs

So those are my thoughts on it! Now over to you…  using the voting buttons. I’ll check back in a week and let you know which one was the winner and more importantly which one I’m going to buy! After I’ve sold a few more items in my wardrobe – including my fur jacket!

7 thoughts on “A Coat Of Many Colours

  1. I vote for the parka as from reading your pros and cons I think your heart is set on it already! I also think it looks warmer and has a hood; I think the second one, although lovely would be too cold around the neck in the depths of winter (even with scarf etc!) Also how often do you need a formal coat?🙂

  2. I can totally see you in the Parka! But it might be a bit light weight for the depths of winter, brr getting cold just thinking of those clear frosty nights! But getting very excited thinking about getting wrapped up and going to see fireworks on bonfire night I love autumn too!
    You got me browsing through coats and I just found this joe browns one that has the word ‘happy’ haphazardly embroidered on it, now that’s a seriously positive coat!

  3. Sainsburys have a cute lightweight parker style jacket in at the minute for £25, its a lovely none shiney cotton material with soft grey details cuffs can be turned up & has a hood with no fur. Its more of a autumn than winter jacket (not coat) but you could easily put layers under it. I bought one a few weeks ago & live it & have had several people comment on how nice it is.
    When Ive told people where its from & the price they have been surprised.
    I believe they run to a 24 too

  4. Sainsbury’s have just launched their new winter coats; I’ve just bought the snuggly-est cosiest parker coat from them, I chose the black one (it also comes in a dark olive green),its padded & lined with soft fleece type material, detachable fur & detachable hood.I think its a total steal at £40 & runs from an 8 to a 24. I realise I sound like I’m sponsored by sainsbury’s, but I’m not! When we shop there I always have a pootle trough the clothing.

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