Gok’s Draws

Apparently its National Underwear Week – so the lovely people over at Simply Be sent me some of Gok’s new lingerie range to review.

Before I get down to the bare essentials (groan), I want to apologise for a) lack of photos and b) the poor quality of the one I am about to show. We had a mishap with our very expensive camera and its now being repaired. So instead of a lovely professional esq photo taken by the husband, you’ll have to make do with a mirror shot on my phone camera!


As my boobs are too big for Gok’s bras – whats going on there, hey Gok? Profess to be a “lover of bangers” yet stop at G cup?? – Simply Be sent me the High Waisted Control Pants and the Waist Slip . I’m in the waist slip above.

The pants are great – they are comfortable and I felt smoother in them. I haven’t shown them here but you can see Bets looking much better in them than I do here. The pattern is interesting but I’m a bit boring and like plain underwear! I will wear them under party dresses over the autumn and winter.

Now for the slip – I’m sorry to say it does nothing for me! I think if you have a more defined waist than I do you will notice a difference but being belly heavy, all it does is emphasise parts I don’t like. The slip is light/medium control which means its comfortable to wear – I could breath in it – but  I still don’t have  a defined waist.  I tried on a bodycon dress with the slip underneath to see if it made a difference. Alas it didn’t and it rolled up when I sat down which was annoying.

Sorry Gok, if I’m going to wear shapewear I want it to actually do something. Otherwise I’m quite happy in my M&S granny knickers and Bravissimo bras.

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