Polka Dot Pin Up



Swimsuit – ASOS

When the heat rises I run for open water. I’m never happier than swimming in the open air! On Friday the husband and I took the afternoon off to visit our local, recently refurbished, lido and today we hit the beach!  Because we were conscious of the fact that half of London and Kent would probably have the same idea, we were up early and on the beach by 9am this morning. Breakfast by the beach and then a quick dip? Yes please!

I bought the above swimsuit as a wim – I have a tankini from ASOS from a couple of years ago but I wanted a suit as well. This little polka dot number has taken me a while to like – I do feel very obvious in it! But I was brave enough to stand on the beach today and have my picture taken and I love the way they turned out! I look like a pin up.

The new hair is my final cut with my lovely hairdresser Ramute. She’s going back to Lithuania to start up her own salon. All I can say is Lithuania is going be sporting some exciting cuts! It also means I have to find a new hairdresser I can trust.

I hope this post inspires some of you to strip off and enjoy in the warmer weather. Even having my picture taken no one starred or said anything. People really didn’t care about the fat girl in the bright red swimsuit!

6 thoughts on “Polka Dot Pin Up

  1. Wow Claire! You look fab. I love the way in which the retro vibe of your swimsuit and sunnies contrast with your funky hair! A sort of Gwen Stefani look… x

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