Designer Dreams

When I hated how I looked, I used to wish to be thin to fit into the clothes I loved. I would be “if only I was a size 10”, “if only my boobs weren’t so big”, “if only my belly wasn’t so fat”…  if only, if only, if only. Now that I accept and like my body, my thoughts are more “why can’t they make that in a size 26?” because that’s the right way around! We live in a consumer society so why can’t I consume (read *wear*) what I desire? There is something fundamentally wrong with the fact I can’t! Anyway… I digress. What this post is actually about is my love for a certain designer and the utmost annoyance I have at the fact he doesn’t cater for my size!

That designer is Peter Som. He’s designed for Michael Kors and Calvin Klein and his clothese can be seen on the likes of Liv Tyler, Gennifer Goodwin and Maggie Gyllenhaal (three of my favourite looking ladies!).  He likes quirky women and he designs with them in mind and you know that I’ve been described as having quirky art teacher taste. If you don’t know who he is just have a look at some of his designs – AMAZING!:

Peter Som #1

Not sure about the skirt but I think the colour combo is fab!

Peter Som #2

Love the embellishment!

Peter Som #3

The clash of prints! I wish I could pull this off!

Peter Som #4

The colour is amazing!

He recently did a pop up collection for  Anthropologie (lets not talk about how much I want Anthro stuff to be my size!!). I love these trousers and zebras seem to be everywhere currently! :

Peter Som Anthro

Mr Som, if you ever happen to come across my blog, please, please, please can you design something for us fashion loving fatties? Thanks awfully!

2 thoughts on “Designer Dreams

  1. Love the look with the striped coat. I just wish plus size retailers would pick nicer fabrics and not those that are the cheapest / no one wants. I very rarely look at straight sized lines anymore.. probably am missing out on a lot of inspiration.

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