Maximum Appeal


It’s been a wee while again, hasn’t it? Real life keeps interfering with my blogging plans! Its MOST annoying! However, I have six weddings to attend between next weekend and the beginning of September so I will be posting what I’m wearing to them (I’m essentially wearing the same thing six different ways…watch this space!). I’ve also got some ideas about summer work wear outfits. Lots of plans. 

The husband and I are still on our budget drive so buying new clothes has been limited – but I actually enjoy shopping from my own wardrobe. I only have £200 clothes budget over a three month period so I have to think carefully about my purchases.  I have been using Pinterest to help make my decisions and recently I have decided I really want a black maxi dress after seeing these pictures:

Black maxi 4

Black maxi 3

Black maxi 1

I keep imagining how I could dress one up and down. Wear it with a blazer or smart cardigan for work, with my denim or biker jacket for a casual weekend look or with heels and statement jewellery for a night out. I have been hunting in my usual haunts for one. So far I haven’t had much luck finding any plus size maxi dresses in black. The closest two I have found have both been from New Look.

This one:

NL black maxi 2

I love that ASOS are now doing Inspire stuff, I’m a premier customer so it means I got the value of New Look AND free next day delivery. BONUS! This dress is £19.99 and has been on my wish list for the last six weeks. I think it will soon be mine.

The other one is this one:NL black maxi 1

Annoyingly, this one is now out of stock in 26 but I am tempted to see if the 24 will fit.

Having been an impulse buyer for many years, I am now seeing the benefits of thinking about my purchases. I can’t tell you how many times over the last few months I’ve had a basket full of clothes and been seconds away from clicking “confirm purchase” only to walk away and leave it a bit longer. More often than not, when I return to the basket I get rid of all of it.

How do you buy your purchases? Do you impulse buy and then sometimes regret? Or do you plan what you need and buy accordingly?

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with New Look, however all opinions are my own & I will never be paid to promote any brands I have not tried myself.

2 thoughts on “Maximum Appeal

  1. The 2nd dress will be fine in a 24. I normal wear a New Look 22 but the 22 was to big in this dress so I got the 20.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I’m usually an impulse buyer and often don’t think about if I can combine my current item of desire with anything in my wardrobe and often i end up with lot’s of pretty things but nothing to combine them with. But lately I too am on a very tight budget and really have to think about what I buy and what not. In the last three months I have only bought a couple of basics which was really hard for me because I have seen many many many gorgeous things:D But it really helped me to make the best of my wardrobe! I love your two choices and either one would be perfect. They are simple, elegant and very versatile. You will get so much wear out of them. Can’t wait to see how you style your final choice:-) x

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