Blimey! Its been a while since I last blogged – life got in the way! As did my dislike of my hair and a bit of a contemplation on whether I want to carry on blogging. I’m still not sure how I feel about the blog currently but I want to try and love it again so I’m gonna attempt to do the odd post and see if I get back the mojo.
As for the hair – well that’s now back to platinum (it was lilac for all of three days!) and I love it again!

Anyway – I digress. Here are some pictures of an outfit I wore for work a few weeks ago. I’ve avoided skater dresses because I didn’t think they’d suit me. However I fell in love with this geometric print one from ASOS after seeing Stephanie Zwicky rocking it and as it was in the sale and I had an additional discount code so I bought it.





Dress – ASOS

Blazer – ASOS

Shoes – New Look

I paired it with my black blazer – also from ASOS – and my sparkly blue shoes and I felt “ok” in it. Not amazing, not sophisticated but ok. Its a good dress for work – with a blazer or a cardigan. Plus it has long sleeves which are good for cold weather (like right now) but I wont say its a dress that makes me feel wonderful.

I’ve just got back from two weeks away and living on a limited wardrobe has made me want to have a clear out and reduce down on what I own – so watch this space for bits and pieces being sold!

3 thoughts on “Geometric

  1. Nice dress and I love the brooch! I tend to live in skater dresses and am really happy people have got their arses in gear and there’s some plus size choice now.

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