Au Natural





Blazer – Next via eBay

T-shirt – Dorothy Perkins

Skirt – made by Kirsty

Brooch – a shop in the Lanes, Brighton

Tights – we love colors

Shoes – Evans

One of the biggest bugbears I have about plus size clothing is the distinct lack of natural fabric. Something made of 100% cotton, silk, wool or linen is rarer than rocking horse poo! Sometimes you may get an item which is a percentage of these fabrics but mostly we have to make do with static filled polyester or viscous. So when I come across a natural fabric item I jump at purchasing it. Joe Browns is good at making their clothes with cotton or linen (although sometimes only a percentage of it) but you pay the price for a natural fabric. I did a bit of research over the weekend in straight size stores and found a large percentage stocked affordable natural fabric items. Its annoying that us fatties are not deemed worthy.

The main parts of this outfit are made from natural fabrics. When I asked Kirsty if she would make me a skirt, I requested a cotton fabric – this skirt (which I have named my ladybird skirt) is made of 100% cotton – in fact both of the skirts Kirsty has made for me are made of cotton. No electrocuting myself in these skirts! The t-shirt is also 100% cotton and was bought for super cheap in a Dorothy Perkins sale sometime last year. The blazer is linen and was some silly price on eBay (I think £3 or £4!). I did swap this with Gina but have recently swapped it back and haven’t stopped wearing it since. It was nice to feel these items against my skin today. My hair didn’t stand on end and I didn’t crackle when I changed out of them. It was a good feeling.

My next mission is to find a silk shirt or dress and a woollen scarf – although I will probably just knit myself one.

How about you – do you crave for natural fabrics or don’t really care? Do you know a good place to find silk items in a size 26 that don’t cost a month’s rent?

7 thoughts on “Au Natural

  1. That is probably one of my all time favourites of your outfits, you look fab!
    M&S do quite a bit in natural fibres – I think they stop at size 24 but I reckon they are cut fairly generously so it might be worth trying on the occasional item, certainly I can often buy a size smaller in shirts there than most other places.

  2. Anna Scholz for silk items! She is very good at making her designs in luxurious fabrics for us fatties😉 Unfortunately most of the pieces DOES cost a months rent, but good silk items are rather expensive in the straight sizes as well. It is though a good idea to keep an eye on the SALE section at, there is often a bargain to be done😉

  3. c&a have just launched a bio cotton line. what that shop does struggle with is not putting ridiculous prints on otherwise lovely tops and t-shirts but i reckon some people must like that. c&a used to sell hideous clothes only grandmothers would wear but it has really come around the past couple of years. i bought a blouse from their clockhouse plus range the other day and it is indeed (i just checked) 100% cotton!

  4. Hello! This outfit is simply sublime! I have a skirt very similar to yours already in my wardrobe and you’ve given me a fab idea for how to bring it back to life, thank you!🙂

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