The Copycat Challenege: Breton and Burgundy

Chatting to my friend and fellow blogger Gina the other day, we came to realise we have quite a few of the same items of clothing – despite us have quite different styles. Unfortunately, this is kinda of inevitable when you are fat. You have a limited pool of clothes to buy from, so if you are the same size, you are bound to have the same stuff hanging in the wardrobe.

However, part of the challenge of being fat is styling this limited amount of clothes into something that resembles a personal style. So Gina and I have decided to take some of our matching items and style them our way. We are both the same size but its going to be interesting to see what the same items in the same size look like on our very different bodies and with our differing styles.

So first up – a Breton top and burgundy jeans:




Jeans – New Look

Top – ASDA

Denim Jacket – gifted by Gina

Scarf – gifted by friend

Brogues – New Look

I have a great love for New Look jeans. I find the fit really good – especially in the leg. Often I’ve found because I’m belly heavy, jeans end up baggy around the hips because designers assume if you have a large waist you have proportionally large hips and thighs. Not so! I like the way these jeans fit me on my legs – properly skinny!

The Breton top is close to my idea of a perfect Breton top but not quite! Its like the holy grail of clothing for me at the moment. I want it to be long sleeved, long enough to cover my belly, more white than blue. I’m getting there (I have like 10 blue & white striped tops now!) but not quite! This one – the sleeves are a little short and its not quite long enough! I know, I know I’m fussy. The denim jacket was a gift from Gina last year and it was worn relentlessly! I dusted it off for its first outing this year but I was a little chilly in the shade with it on. Its back under the stairs for now.

This outfit was a comfy one to wear for an exploration. Where we live, we’re having a bit of a “rejuvenation” – city planner speak for knocking down 20 flats – which were ugly but spacious on the inside and replacing them with 200 urban funky flats which have about as much room as a broom cupboard. The area around the flats is pretty cool – for now! So the husband and I took the opportunity to have a wander and how lovely it was to see the sun!! It felt amazing to have some heat on my face after what has felt like a very very long winter!

The new builds have been built close to a river so I also managed to get a bit of sun on my face whilst listening to the water babble along – utter bliss!


It was a pretty good Sunday all in all!

Don’t forget to check out how Gina has styled her Breton and burgundy!

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