How To Save AND Blog

At the moment, the husband and I are on a massive savings drive and I have agreed not to buy any new clothes until 1 May 2013! Which for someone who buys new stuff every month and is a self confessed shopaholic it is REALLY hard to do! So here is how I am coping:

Go to swaps

I am always amazed at how many cool things I have picked up at clothes swaps over the last few years – items I have longed for or drooled over – and I’ve managed to score them for absolutely free! Things like brand new (with tags!) Beth Ditto dresses, dungarees in plus size, winter coats etc etc! Its a great way to revamp your wardrobe AND get rid of bits. I tend to rotate my wardrobe quite quickly, so swapping clothes has been a super cheap way of getting new bits into it. Plus clothes swaps usually involve a day with lots of cool people and a few drinks thrown in!

Here is an outfit made up of mostly of swap items:




Top – swap used to be Gina’s

Jeans – swap used to be Amanda’s

Moccs – my own!

Necklace – Forever 21


So its been agreed for the amount I sell stuff for on eBay, I can buy new stuff – on eBay! I’ve found a few eBay shops to be amazing at getting items cheaper than they are on the high street – example here and here. There are downsides of selling and buying from eBay – on selling; buyers can be a nightmare. I often have to remind them I AM NOT A SHOP when they demand returns etc. Buying for there has it perils too – stuff not fitting, the quality of items being lacking. But overall I have found some amazing bits on eBay and I’ve managed to sell lots too.


I’m lucky to have a friend who is extremely talented with a sewing machine who has managed to alter bits in my wardrobe. This has meant that pairs of jeans, dresses, trousers, blouses which have sat unworn in the wardrobe have suddenly fitted and have received a new release of life! Its the same with items which have a tear etc in them. I paid nothing to have Timpson’s glue my shoes back together instead of buying a new pair. Now, I understand that not everyone has a friend who will be their seamstress but if you can use a sewing machine or have a dry cleaners nearby that does alterations – make use of it! You’ll save lots!

Whats in my wardrobe?

I recently wrote a list of everything I own – and rather unsurprisingly, I discovered items I forgot I had! Which is kinda like having new stuff! For free!! So this week I have worn a pair of jeans I had shoved to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about. And you know what, it felt like they were new!

Shop your wardrobe challenge

This essentially means instead of buying something new you find something in your wardrobe to wear. One of the blogs I read often does a 30 for 30 blog challenge – which involves wearing 30 items for 30 days. The items include shoes, coats and belts. Its a good way of wearing items in your wardrobe and “making do”. I know I have an automatic reaction of “must buy something new for such and such” but actually 30 for 30 means you shop your wardrobe.

Now I know these aren’t the most mind bending tips but we are a month and a half into the new year and I haven’t bought any new clothes! Watch this space to see if I manage until 1 May 2013…

4 thoughts on “How To Save AND Blog

  1. Fab post and great timing as I have imposed a spending ban of myself for this month as my wardrobe is bulging but my bank balance certainly isnt!!! I like the idea of the 30 for 30 challenge as if I really tried I could put together a good variety of outfits. I too love Ebay both for buying and selling but yes it can be a nightmare at times. I am hoping the spending ban will lead me to a good variety of outfits for some forthcoming blogposts ( x

  2. I love this outfit on you – it’s simple yet striking. I like the way the black and blue complement each in other, and your hair , in the photo. I’m must admit that I’m a bit of shopaholic too and I spend/waste hours trawling websites and ebay for bargains. I’ve also sold a few bits and bobs here and there.

    I thought that I would ‘need’ a lightweight jacket for when the weather warms up – until I found at least three jackets in my wardrobe that I’d completely forgotten about on Sunday! Ah well….

  3. May 1st 2013 is only a month away, do you mean 2014? Or are you seriously that addicted to shopping???

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