Cold Beaches and New Hair

A couple of weeks ago, after I had been struck down with a horrid cold/flu like bug, the husband and I decided to do as the Victorians did and head to the beach to help me recover.  Where we live in SE London we are lucky enough to be only an hour’s drive from Whitstable.  So whenever we need a blast of sea air and some fish and chips this is where we go.

The husband has bought himself  a new camera so it was a great chance for him to use it and for me to get some outfit pictures – and to show off my new hair!





Jumper – Joe Browns @ Simply Be (gifted)

Leather jacket – ASOS curve 

Jeans – Evans

Scarf – H&M

I decided to go with a nautical look (how original!!) and wore my gorgeous knitted jumper from Joe Browns. The reason I love Joe Browns is because more often than not it uses natural fabric – unlike most plus size retailers. The jumper is 50% cotton, chunky, soft and incredibly comfy to wear. I have been wearing it LOTS over the last few weeks.

The beach – rather unsurprisingly was FREEZING! However, in my scarf, biker jacket and the JB jumper I was perfectly warm.

As well as Whitstable we also had a bit of an adventure and decided to go for a drive – we did this by turning the opposite direction from London and we ended up on a beach called St Mary’s Bay, near Folkstone.  Now, I had thought Whitstable was freezing, but I was wrong! St Mary’s Bay was what real freezing is! I couldn’t even be out the car for a couple of seconds without my mittens and hat on without feeling like my fingers/ears were going to drop off!! Hence the picture of me in silly hat etc.

However, the sea air did the trick and by Monday I was feeling back to my normal self! I would recommend it to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Cold Beaches and New Hair

  1. I love this whole nautical look on you. And I understand the sea air making you feel better. I am from San Francisco and even though I have been away for 6 years, we visit every year and one deep breath instantly makes me feel rejuvenated.

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