A Beautiful Free Bird


Dress – Anna Scholz c/o Simply Be

Shoes – Evans

Blazer – ASOS curve via eBay

Just before Christmas, Simply Be contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review a couple of dresses – I of course said YES! And I picked the multicoloured skater dress – seen here – and this beautiful Anna Scholz bird print dress.

I own one item from Anna Scholz – the horse print jumper from a couple of years ago and I LOVE it! The fit is gorgeous so I decided to see if the dresses were the same – and you know what they so utterly and completely are. Or at least this one is. I have worn it lots but only just got round to blogging it. I feel super smart in this dress – its perfect for work. Especially when I want to feel professional.

Speaking of freebies – I know there has been a bit of chatter on blogs and twitter about the privileges of bloggers and how some people seem to get stuff when others don’t. I also know that some people feel that there is an inner circle of bloggers who get lots more than anyone else. Having been blogging for nearly three years now, its only been in the last six months that I have reached PR companies radar. Partly that was because I coordinated and hosted Plus London Two last February but also because I had been around for a while. I had a twitter presence. I see blogging like anything else – you have to work hard to get something back from it.

Before I even started fashion blogging, I read a lot of blogs and I got hints from them. So when I did begin my little fledgling blog, I knew I wasn’t going to get freebies straight away. So I saved up and invested in a good camera and a tripod. I’m also really lucky in the fact I have a husband who is a keen photographer. I stopped with the in the mirror shots and I worked on the typos in my posts. I carried on writing away about the brands I loved and the outfits I wore – tweeting my links and “@” the brands in. Also I didn’t really care – I wasn’t blogging for freebies, I was blogging because I loved – love – clothes. So now, once in a while I get the odd freebie and its great! A fabulous plus to something I enjoy doing.

I’m still a very little fish in the pond of blogging – there are much much bigger fish out there – but you know what those girls have worked HARD to get to where they are and they deserve it. We are a community – and we should support our fellow members. Some people are always going to be in the right place at the right time, but more often than not they have put in a lot of effort to get there. So if you are new to blogging, don’t despair – enjoy what you do and learn from those that have become successful and who knows, you might be the next big fish!

13 thoughts on “A Beautiful Free Bird

  1. Firstly you look great in the dress Claire! Secondly its so nice to read your point of view on these matters, well written without being aggressive/defensive, and hopefully really helpful to those just getting started. B xx

  2. You look amazing in this dress! Really great. The earrings work so well with it too.

  3. This is a great post. Way to sell a dress! Fuck me. I don’t own that one, but plan to now. AMAZING. This is one of my favourite EVER outfits on you.
    Clearly: Anna Scholz Tailoring + Claire = AMAZE.
    I love this.
    Also – I agree with pretty much everything else you wrote.

  4. That dress looks amazing on you!

    In any case, the freebies are a bit of a poisoned chalice. I follow a lot of fatshion bloggers (and indeed a lot of bloggers of various stripes) and as soon as I see a blogger start to do reviews that have been sponsored in any way at all – even if they’ve just been given merch and not cash, and even if the blogger does all the right things including disclosure, transparency and promising that all opinions are their own no matter what – my relationship with the blog, as a reader, starts to change. I don’t in any way blame bloggers for accepting gifts – if I were in the same boat, I’d probably do the same, or be at least sorely tempted – but my trust in the blog itself is definitely damaged.

    Admittedly, this might be a generational thing – I’m in my thirties, and have been blogging amd reading blogs since the time when no one actually knew what a blog was, and have watched the transition towards amateur product review blogs with some trepidation. Unlike traditional media, which is governed by certain regulations separating content and advertising, bloggers are a goldmine for PR professionals who are looking to harness all those lovely eyeballs without having to jump through so many ethical hoops.

    The bloggers I follow (such as yourself – and of course MrsBeBe above) seem to have a high sense of integrity when it comes to the payola side of fashion blogging (it makes such a big difference that you talk about the freebies rather than implying you bought them!) and as I reader I am very appreciative of this.

    • I know what you mean. I often stop following blogs where its just review after review. Some of my favourite bloggers – such as Kendi Everyday and Gabi Fresh don’t really talk about their freebies other than a “c/o” next to the item. I like that too.

  5. You look simply gorgeous and I must have that dress! Can I ask what size you are wearing?

  6. Excellent points, my friend. These photos are gorgeous! I really love you in that dress – gorgeous shape on you – and the print is just the sweetest thing.

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