Stealing from the Street


Dress – Frock & Frill at Simply Be

Cardigan – New Look Inspire

Jacket – New Look Inspire 

Leggings – Evans

Boots – Minnatonka 

For those of you that follow me on Twitter (@chattermonkey) will know a few weeks ago, I followed a fellow fatty to the train station and admired her outfit. She worn a khaki coat over a cream lace dress. She worn brown ankle boots and she looked AMAZING! Ever since I saw her, I have been planning how I would do the outfit my way. This is my version!

I was gutted when the studded pleather sleeved khaki jacket on ASOS curve sold out in a matter of minutes and I hunted high and low for another one. Two popped up – Very and Inspire. I …  ummm … bought both! The Very one was more expensive and not as nice. The colour was a bit too bright and the pleather sleeves looked like pu rather than leather. So I returned it and kept the coat above.

It’s not very thick so will be perfect for the spring (and knowing England the summer as well!) so I had to layer it up today. It has a nice fit to it and it did up over all my layers so I was warm enough (in fact by the time we got to the park I was too warm!). I’m going to try it with a more masculine look the next time I wear it.

The frock and frills dress spends its time going from the wardrobe into the eBay pile and back again. I don’t wear it very often because it’s not very practical but I just can’t bare to part with it! The cardigan is lovely but because its 100% crochet cotton it has stretched to giant proportions so it tends to be by throw on around the house cardigan but it went well with the dress.

The Minnatonka boots are a wee bit big – I feel like I’m walking in clown shoes! My sister (who has bigger feet than me) will probably end up owning them very soon!

Overall I don’t like the outfit as much as I liked the other girls – I think maybe I should have worn a shorter cardigan and kept the jacket done up but what’s done is done!

5 thoughts on “Stealing from the Street

  1. This is an amazing look for you! And reminds me (in terms of the juxtaposition) of Kiera Knightly’s outfit in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

  2. I love the layering going on here – the photos (and you) are gorgeous.

    Being inspired by people around you is great! I do it too. I definitely miss my days of commuting on the train for that very reason! Telecommuting is lonely.

    • I work from home too and sometimes I can’t be bothered to wear anything other than an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans for days on end. I’ve got loads of clothes in my wardrobe that I still haven’t worn yet – and when I do get around to wearing them, fashion has moved on! I’ve now decided to glam up a bit every day!

  3. I’m always amazed at how you take a very ‘dressy’ item of clothing such as this dress and team it with a casual item like the jacket – and it works! I hardly ever wear a dress as I feel too ‘dressed up’ in them – if that makes any sense – but I think I’ll try to look at things differently from now on.

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