Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Blouse – ASOS

Cardigan – c/o Curvissa

Trousers – Clements Ribeiro for Evans

Shoes – Evans

This weeks challenge is about stepping out of your comfort zone – something I’m not entirely sure is a good thing! For me – being comfortable in what I am wearing is the thing that has helped me accept my size and like my body as it is. For years I tried to dress like other people expected me to dress – and felt awful! Now I dress for myself – it might not be revolutionary or extremely radical but I feel good! In turn feeling good means (most of time the time I hope!) I look good. So I wont be wearing a crop top or showing off my VBO to step out of my comfort zone instead I wore very PJ like trousers to work instead!

I have avoided wearing these trousers to work because they are SO PJ like and seemed too casual even for my casual wear office. Yet after seeing this picture on Pinterest:


I decided to try and copy it (to a certain extent obviously!!) and you know what – I think it works! I felt smart enough and I got a fair few compliments on the trousers!

Can we just spend a couple of minutes talking about my cardigan and shoes? The cardigan was a gift from Curvissa and it ticks all of my cardigan requirements:

  • It has long sleeves – something that is rare in plus size clothing. Its like designers think that fat women don’t get cold forearms (or that 3/4 length sleeves are more “flattering”)
  • Its thin knit – I work in an office which runs at a constant tropical heat, whatever time of the year – so I need light layers to wear. This is perfect
  • It looks good loose or buttoned up – something which isn’t always possible for me!

Curvissa recently sent me another cardigan which is just as perfect and if I had to keep only two of my numerous cardigans, the Curvissa ones would be top of the list.

The shoes – so I was clearing out under the stairs and lo and behold I discovered these shoes! I had forgotten I even owned them! Its terrible when this happens as I should know what I own but at the same time its brilliant!

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. I think that is one of my favourite outfits of yours, so I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone. I love trousers like that but have the same problem x

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