Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Work The Blazer



Blazer – ASOS curve

Blouse – H&M+

Burgundy jeans – New Look

Boots – c/o Evans

Necklace – Forever 21

A few weeks ago, Naomi was asking people on twitter how they stayed motivated when blogging. The loudest answer was “blog challenges”. I was part of one of the earlier plus size blogger challenges – Five Take. I loved it and it made sure once a week I actually put up a picture of my outfit and wrote about it. Five Take is on hiatus at the moment (I hope it will come back soon though!), so when Naomi came up with the work wear challenge and asked for participants, I was ALL over it!

So the concept is simple – 10 bloggers, one day a week, five weeks and a variation of themes. Each week, on each individual day two bloggers will post about the theme of that week – this week it’s all about blazers.

We all know how much I love a blazer. I have quite a few now so I was all over this week’s challenge and I decided to go for my blush blazer. You’ve seen me wearing it before here. Although I’ve worn it lots with dresses, I’ve not really worn it with trousers. So I decided to try it with my burgundy jeans – I did worry it would clash (in that non cool fashionable way) but actually it doesn’t look too bad. However, I really do need to invest in an iron!!

Blazers appear to have replaced cardigans as my go to throw on item and actually this week, I’ve been wearing blazers every day. They can make even the scruffiest outfit look smarter and for that reason they are perfect for work. One friend of mine uses blazers and jackets to add colour into her outfits and another one uses them to disguise the fact she is wearing the same top twice in the same week! Luckily blazers seem to be something that us fatties can lay our hands on relatively easily.


So do you like blazers? If not why not?

Don’t forget to check out the other nine bloggers involved in this challenge:


7 thoughts on “Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Work The Blazer

  1. I love this and i DONT iron anything! The colour and shape is great and those pearls are a great touch! Love this outfit and rude people like Lucie above should learn some manners. Not cool not clever just mean!

  2. I am blazer crazy. I love them. I love the instant polish they can add to an outfit that a cardigan can’t. I have too many to count these days! Really loving that blush pink you you. So pretty!

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