It’s A Hard Up Life…*

Sometimes blogging has serious perks! A couple of week’s ago, I was contacted by a PR company and asked if I fancied testing out some chocolate for Millennium Hotels so they could decide what delicious treat to leave on their pillows for the guests to enjoy (or in my case, pass out due to too much booze and find melted chocolate in my hair the next morning!). Obviously, I debated long and hard about this before saying yes!

A mere 24 hours later and I received a package in the post containing this bag of goodies – the “Goody Bag Of The Season“:



The husband and I LOVE Hotel Chocolat chocolate so it wasn’t long before we set about “testing” the chocolate.

Now to test chocolate professionally (ha!) you need:

*clean palettes – wash your teeth five minutes before, so you have a clean mouth but not overly minty

*glass of milk or water to clean your mouth between each chocolate

*a pen and paper to record your scores

So this is how we scored each one:

Chocolate Appearance Taste Overall Comments
Eton Mess Slab 7 5 6 Bit sickly, too large for a pillow treat
Gemstones 9 8 8 Good for a snack in the mini bar
Billionaire’s Shortbread Selection 10 9 9 Good size, taste rich so perfect for just one
Salted Caramel Selection 7 2 3 Tasted like soap. Not nice!
Milk Smiley Lick 5 9 8 Good fun for kids, fun to share.

The overall winner for us was the Billionaire’s Shortbread. It was really yummy but rich enough that one chocolate would make you feel like you’d eaten a whole box. Needless to say the rest of the treats didn’t last the weekend!

*I’ve just watched Les Mis so I’m in a musical frame of mind!! 

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