Casual is as casual does!



Top – ASOS

Jeans – New Look last year

Shoes – Minnetonka

It’s funny how taking a picture of an outfit can help you decide if you’ll ever wear it again. This is how I feel about this top from ASOS. It’s just so shapeless! Its meant to be peplum but doesn’t really give a peplum shape as the fabric is too thin. Maybe I should have sized down? I have a similar peplum top in my horse print one (seen here) and I love that! This  – meh! BUT it worked well for a day of no meetings and work and an evening at friends. The top is being resigned to the slob around the house draw though.

12 thoughts on “Casual is as casual does!

  1. I think this outfit is fine, the only thing it seems to be missing is something around the neck or shoulders, I’ve been trying to picture a scarf, not sure. Maybe a really long necklace? I would be happy with this as a casual anywhere outfit though🙂

    • I think you are right – it needed to be layered somehow. I will try it again and re-post. I love layering so maybe thats why it felt wrong because it doesn’t have any.

  2. I was actually thinking to myself how lovely this outfit was and then I scrolled down to your commentary! I think it’s really fresh and pretty. Although Zarrah may be onto something with suggesting a scarf, and balancing it out with some volume at the neck might make you feel a bit better about the shape of the top. Love the hair and makeup combo too!

  3. This is definitely one of my favourite outfit posts! Think it might be the lippy and hair, and how simple it is. I have those tops too and I’m also not sure, although they’re good for layering!

  4. I have to agree that I really love this post…the colours work well on you, and the hair/lipstick/makeup in general I am loving! I think I agree it needs something around the neckline, but also, isnt it one of their ‘soft’ peplums, so therefore meant to not be as regimented? Either way, I think it looks lovely but know the feeling when you don’t quite know what you feel about an outfit so end up not wearing it.

    • I think I don’t feel comfortable because it makes me feel blob like. If it had been longer and this loose I would have been happier – does that make sense?

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