Geek Chic?


Tank top/sweater vest – c/o Curvissa

Blouse – ASOS

Skirt – Thrifted

Belt – from pair of New Look trousers

I’ve been struggling with styling this tank top. The first time I wore it I put it with jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt and I looked like my mother! Now my mum looks cool for 62 year. I am not 62. Then I tried to wear it “vintage” – I was thinking Land Girls and 1930s 1940s – but all the blouses I wore it with didn’t look right. Then I saw Kirsty style it and therein lay my inspiration – Amy Farrah Fowler style!

The husband couldn’t appreciate the pure obnoxiousness of the outfit and looked bemused as his usual matchy matchy wife asked him to take a picture of her hideously uncoordinated outfit. His reaction was “but the blouse doesn’t go with the jumper. Change the blouse then it’ll look lovely”. Bless.

The tank top is lovely! Very generous size wise so I would advise you to size down if you are buying it. I need to find other ways to wear it so a few more experiments should happen. I might try it over a dress and see what it looks like – and with a different skirt. Maybe with skinny jeans and boots – before I wore it with my bootcuts. Hmmm…

Do you have anything you’re not entirely sure how to wear it?

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