A Dress that couldn’t “Simply Be” more perfect…



Dress – c/o Simply Be

Tights – we love colors

A couple of weeks ago the guys over at Simply Be got in contact and asked me to pick a dress for their ‘Find Your Perfect Christmas Party Dress’ campaign. I’d had my eye on the little beauty above so it didn’t take me long to ask for it. When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed!  The dress fits like a dream! It is quite simply the best dress I’ve had in my wardrobe for a very very long time! 

The shape is really lovely, and the colours – gorgeous! It’s so refreshing to find a dress that ticks all of the boxes.  I’ve already decided where I am wearing this little beauty – in fact it’s getting two outings over the next few weeks – dinner with friends and dinner with work colleagues. I plan to change the colour of the tights and wear different foot wear. The multiple colours in the dress make it easy to mix it up. See – perfection in a dress!

What do you have your eye on at Simply Be at the moment?

16 thoughts on “A Dress that couldn’t “Simply Be” more perfect…

  1. This looks great! I know we’re not supposed to say things are flattering but it really suits you and the print is so edgy but feminine. Love it.

    • On this blog you can say whatever you like – within reason obviously!! Sometimes items are flattering – nothing wrong with saying that! Flattering = highlights your best bits. Who could be offended by that!

  2. Love it, it is really pretty. In fact I may have to buy one!! Can you link to the tights please. I find it really hard to get plus sized nice tights.

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