All Wrapped Up!


Leather jacket – ASOS

Cardigan (just seen) – Evans last year

Jeans – Evans last year

Hat & scarf – H&M

Moccasins – Minnetonka c/o

I’m such a blogger cliché – with my leather biker jacket, overpriced but amazingly cut hairstyle and my Minnetonka moccasins. We took these pictures yesterday when we were stranded at Earley train station near Reading for half an hour. It was bitterly cold and the waiting room was bolted shut (why?!). So to keep warm, I posed and the husband took pictures. We did get a few funny looks from a woman near us but that’s the perils of being a blogger!

The leather jacket was a bit of a steal – it was reduced from £100 to £70 on the site and I still had £20 left of birthday vouchers so I got it for half price. It is lovely. The picture on ASOS doesn’t really do it justice. It fits really well and although the leather was a bit stiff at first, its beginning to soften up. Although it has been a bit chilly for it this week, I’ve been wearing layers to keep me warm enough. I’m not quite ready to dust of the faux fur jacket just yet!

I was really lucky with the Minnetonka. I’d randomly got talking to a friend of a friend who works for Office online. When I said I had a clothing blog, he offered to introduce me to the online marketing team. A few days later, I’d had an email exchange with someone from that team and a pair of these lovely shoes were on their way to me. The moccasins are super super comfy – no wonder so many people own a pair and surprisingly warm! I think these will have a long and very well used life!

One thought on “All Wrapped Up!

  1. I live a few minutes walk from that station and was thinking the station looked familiar from the photos. One of the reasons it gets locked is to stop drunks sleeping in there and couples getting intimate.

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