Pale Perfection?

Blazer – ASOS curve

Dress – AX Paris c/o Simply Be

Leggings – Evans

Shoes – c/o Evans

For a person who professes to hate pink, I can’t quite work out how I’ve managed to get a “blush” coloured blazer. Even more surprisingly is how often I wear it!! Hmmm.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means it Work Wear post day! As you may have noticed, I have suddenly got a “thing” for blazers. I have quite a few now and I tend to wear them in place of cardigans. I picked up this one after seeing Amanda rock it with bright blue jeans and a t-shirt. Funnily enough I haven’t actually worn it with jeans – hmmm might be something to rectify.

The dress was sent to me by Simply Be and its changed my opinion somewhat of the brand Ax Paris. My previous experience with the brand had been pretty poor – cheaply made items, sizing very small etc. Now, this dress is not by any means the best made dress in the world but it is certainly better than the other dresses I have tried from the brand.

Have you ever changed your opinion regarding a certain brand?


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