What a Pansy!

Trousers – c/o Very.co.uk

Blouse – H&M+

Blazer – c/o Marisota

Time for another Work Wear Wednesday post!

I blame Miss Amy Simon completely for my obsession with floral trousers! Even though, I introduced her to these little pansy beauties … the reason I wanted them in the first place was because she showed me – and a few other bloggers – how to look cool in a floral trousers! Just check out her blog and you’ll see what I mean.

These trousers are AMAZING! They are a similar fabric to the ASOS curve floral ones, but with a better cut, so they fit me really well. The other floral trousers I have from Very’s “So Fabulous” range (they can be seen here) are made of a thinner fabric and have been put into hibernation for the colder months. But these pansy ones can and will be worn comfortably through out the year.

The green blazer was sent to me by Marisota after I moaned on twitter that I had seen zillions of coloured blazers for non-plus sized but none for us fatties. The day after I noticed that New Look Inspire and H&M+ had a couple of coloured blazers – whoops – but still thanks Marisota for listening to me and caring enough to prove me wrong. The blazer fits really well and I have been wearing it a lot over the last few weeks.

Its nice to be able to wear bright colours in the cooler months and this is a typical work outfit for me at the moment.  I’ve also noticed I am in desperate need of a haircut! Good job I have one booked in for Sunday.

One thought on “What a Pansy!

  1. Lady! Thank you so much for the mention. I did buy these in the end – will get them up on the blog soon. You look lovely in them x

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