Why Have Gold When You Can Have Platinum?

As you all know, my hair is this colour at the moment:

Good old platinum blonde and I love it! But boy can it fade and it’s quite expensive to maintain, which means it can end up looking brassy. So when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to review some John Frieda products I didn’t hesitate in saying YES!

I was sent the shampoo and condition sheer blonde colour renew to try out.

I have a lot of very fine, limp hair and I have found that a lot of shampoos – especially those that promise to add volume and shine – often leave my hair limp and weighed down. Also I have quite bad psoriasis on my scalp which makes it a nightmare to use normal shampoos all of the time.

Thankfully the sheer blonde shampoo has been pretty good! I’ve been using them for around a month now and although I don’t use them every time I wash my hair, when I do use them my hair has been in pretty good condition. The purple element in both products has, I think, kept my hair blonde rather than brass. I’m now two months into a haircut and colour and it still looks really good! Also it didn’t turn my hair purple as my equally bleached blonde sister freaked me out about!!!

So all in all, I’m pretty impressed with the range and would recommend you give it a whirl if you are a fellow blondie!

However, if you are a brunette, don’t despair! John Frieda also does a range for you called Brilliant Brunette.

The products were sent to me to review but the opinions are my own!

3 thoughts on “Why Have Gold When You Can Have Platinum?

  1. Hi, If you pop in the poundshop they sell the bristows version both hte shampoo & conditioner

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