Layer Upon Layer


Horse print peplum – Lindex

Cardigan – c/o Curvissa

Jeans – swap

Boots – Evans

Biker jacket –

The other day, the husband snapped a couple of shots of me wearing numerous layers! It was cold, wet and dark outside as I was about to go to work and to top it off I was feeling under the weather (yes, September 2012 has been renamed sick month!), so I put on a lot of clothes. I think the reason I love autumn so much is due to my obsession with wearing lots of items!

The cardigan is part of Curvissa’s autumn/winter range and I adore it – its a soft knit and short sleeved means I can wear it through to next summer as well. Also I think horse print is becoming “my” print of the autumn…my love of bird print hasn’t diminished at all but I now have three items of horse print lurking in my wardrobe!


5 thoughts on “Layer Upon Layer

  1. I love the layers and the horse print. I only discovered layering two years ago. I didn’t think layering would work for me but it does! In Southern California the weather is just starting to change. I can’t wait until it gets cool enough to wear a scarf!

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