Punky Monkey

Jumper (dress?) – Very.co.uk

Leggings – via eBay

Creepers – gifted

I’m a very lucky girl indeed – I’d had my eye on these creepers for ages but was waiting for payday before I got them. THEN a few days before payday, my size suddenly had those immortal words of “low in stock” hovering over it – NOOOO! Thankfully, my wonderful and generous friend Rach said she’d get them for me as an early birthday present! Pig in mud happy  or what!

As the shoes are fabulously punky, I needed a somewhat rebel outfit to wear with them – beetlejuice leggings and jumper dress ahoy! I got a few strange (admiring?) glances as I marched through Greenwich train station (Lewisham didn’t blink an eyelid!) but overall I felt pretty cool in my funky punky outfit!

So creepers – love them or hate them?

3 thoughts on “Punky Monkey

  1. Hate creepers but the whole outfit put together looks fab! I love all the different looks you wear!


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