Maxi birds


I was having dinner with Em the other week on the Southbank and this girl walked past in an amazing outfit. She was in a green maxi skirt, a floaty green floral jacket and white t-shirt and she looked fabulous.

I immediately wanted the whole outfit! Instead of spending hours hunting for the components, I had a rummage through my Narnia-esq wardrobe and I came up with this outfit!

Jacket – Forever 21 via Rebecca and Naomi

Skirt – New Look

Blouse – Evans

Michelle from Redbows shorted the skirt so I could actually wear it as a skirt rather than a dress! Its made from light fabric and has pockets! So perfect for a hot day like today. The blouse is ancient – at least three years old! Again, made from a similar light fabric.

The jacket is the fruit of my hunt for a bird print jacket. I’ve been obsessed with a bird print jacket ever since I saw Gabi in one. Then my friend picked up an amazing one in primark but the 20 wouldn’t go anywhere near me (I’m not one of those people who primark clothes magically grow to fit!) and I have been hunting high and low for one. Then Rebecca was selling the above jacket on her blog – but Naomi pipped me at the post. Long story cut short – the fit wasn’t right on Naomi and the jacket became mine! SEE – obsession does pay!

I had to have my picture taken at work today and this outfit made me feel great so hopefully that shows in the picture!


6 thoughts on “Maxi birds

  1. Oh it really works and I LOVE the bird print too. I reckon between us we could style a whole collection with our birdie clothes!

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