Five Take: Fluorescent

Trousers – c/o

Peplum top – ASOS curve

I struggled to find something fluorescent in my wardrobe. As a child of late 80’s/early 90’s I hate fluorescent colours and when I saw them creeping back in this year, I ran a mile.

These amazing tropical trousers sent to me by the lovely people at are about as close as I will get. They have been shortened by the magnificent Michelle of RedBows Boutique so I could actually wear them. Now that they are actually the correct length, the fit is amazing! I absolutely love them! They are made from a loose fabric so perfect for those rare warmer days we have. The peplum top shouldn’t work, but it does (well it does for me!) and I’m glad I have something else to wear the peplum with, as I’ve kinda been stumped as to what else to pair it with apart from my lace pencil skirt.

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9 thoughts on “Five Take: Fluorescent

  1. I love this outfit Claire, you look amazing! I have been very hesitant to try printed trousers but maybe I should give them a go!

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