Five Take: Catch Up (Belts & Sheer)

I’ve been a bad five taker – I haven’t done a Five Take post for a few weeks. Mainly due to illness (both mine and the husband), busy weeks and trips up north. But I’m back now and here is a double whammy of outfits!

Five Take: Belts 

Dress & Shoes – New Look

Petticoat (just seen) – made by Rebecca

Belt – custom-made

As soon as “belts” popped up on our Five Take spreadsheet, I knew I would use my custom-made leather kimono belt. The husband gave it to me as our third anniversary gift and I first wore it (in fact the only time I wore it!) on the blog here. I’ve worn it a few times since then, but not as much as I should have done. The dress I picked up in New Look when I went to Stratford Westfield a couple of months ago. It’s a super girly dress for me and I never feel entirely comfortable in it!

Finally, the petticoat – a life saver in the hot weather! Rebecca make it from cotton for me and it makes short dresses a bit more modest AND stops synthetic fabrics turning me into a sweaty Betty. Total win.

Five Take: Sheer

Dress – from a blog sale

I have a few sheer items (this shirt for one) but I decided to show this dress off. It’s an eShakti one  which any UK fatshion blogger worth her salt will know don’t ship to the UK – despite the clothes being made in India and having to fly across the UK to get to the states. Annoying! Anyway, when I saw the dress up for grabs on a blog sale (the blogger no longer blogs, hence why no link!), I jumped all over it. The fit is a little strange, it’s a wee bit tight in the best area. It also has a separate under dress which – in my opinion – is always a plus. It means I can swap it for a cotton one in the warmer weather and a longer sleeved one in the colder. Making the dress something I can wear all year round. It’s also bird print and we all know I am a bit obsessive about that!

Remember to go and see how the others did belts and sheer:

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8 thoughts on “Five Take: Catch Up (Belts & Sheer)

  1. The first dress may be super girly but I promise you look pretty fabulous in it and you’re totally right, that petticoat adds extra modesty but also I like the layered effect – more dimension!🙂

    Ahhhhh birdy print, we share an achilles heel there. I picked up a brilliant birdy print jersey-type material blouse in blue with white birdy print and I have since been completely hooked. Absolutely love the gathering on the shoulders and bust of that eShakti dress!

    Jem xXx

    P.S – These totally made me think of you:,default,pd.html

  2. Yay! I love them both! Glad to see you’re still enjoying the petticoat. I wore mine the other day too – hot weather makes the cotton so necessary!

    I love that bird dress – I actually have it myself! It looks great on you!

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