Unskinny Bop PROM!

On Saturday I attended my first ever Prom. When I was at school we didn’t have Proms – we had poor poor school discos which I avoided because I hated most of the people I went to school with and didn’t really want to see them outside of school as well. I think I went to about one the whole time I was at secondary school. When I left secondary school we had a leavers’ meal in a nearby restaurant. Once I got to University, I could never afford to go to the summer balls. Plus I worked in Rock City – I had all the music and dancing I wanted, plus it didn’t involve me wearing a dress! I didn’t “do” dresses at Uni.

Anyway, this was all rectified by the Unskinny Bop Prom – an alternative, full acceptance gathering hosted in Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Despite having a rotten cold, I donned my trusty Jellyfish dress, quiffed the fringe, invited my friend, dragged along the husband  and headed out to DANCE! There was an excellent gathering of my favourite blogger people – Kirsty, Carla, Lauren, Bethany and Amanda. Incidentally Bethany got crowned Prom Queen and then was dosed in glitter in a Carrie esq style! Plus a few of the friends I’ve made locally in the recent months came along and we arrived en masse and showed East London how the South East London lot do it.

I didn’t get many good pictures of the prom (there are a few blurry ones on instagram) but here are a couple of me and Rachel in our finery:

My outfit – dress c/o ASOS

Denim Jacket – c/o Gina

Rachel – playsuit – ASOS

Headband – c/o me!

Everyone enjoyed themselves, the music was amazing and the sing-a-long with the live band was excellent. Even the husband cheered up once Kirsty produced cookies, Mary Poppins‘ style from her bag and gave him one!

I wanna dance more now…MORE PROMS PLEASE!

9 thoughts on “Unskinny Bop PROM!

  1. The quiff is fab – I love quiffing my hair for something a lil different. Plus I’m so glad you got a chance to wear this dress again from Plus London. it’s beautiful. If i were to go to prom I’d want the pink Domino Dollhouse dress. have you seen it? It’s very Molly Ringwald – Pretty in Pink.🙂

  2. We have school proms in America (horrible, horrible affairs, though I’m probably in the minority in that opinion!). Sounds like you had loads of fun dancing.

    How adorable does your hair look! What kind of eye makeup are you wearing? Your eyes really stand out (and the shadow seems to match the specs?) Gorgeous.

  3. You both look gorgeous! We didn’t have proms either- we had one ‘formal’ at the end of the year. We need more prom like events as grown ups!

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