Five Take: Festival!

I picked this week’s Five Take challenge theme.

In the UK, summer time = music festival season. We have LOADS now, from the world-renowned Glastonbury festival and Reading (and now it’s twin Leeds) festivals to smaller but still just as fun Latitude and The Hop Farm Festival. These last all weekend. We also have one day music festivals, like T4 in the Park.

I love festivals. When I was younger, I went to at least one festival every year (I was one of those naughty people who jumped the fence at Glastonbury until it became like Colditz!) and when I was at University and working at Rock City in Nottingham, I also worked festivals. I loved every single dirty, sticky, smelly, exhilarating moment.

The last festival I went to was in 2005 and was Osakafest in Japan – why so long for such an avid festival goer? Well although I married a music buff/lover, I also married one that hates camping. I would not be able to get the husband to sleep in a tent for three nights, tramp around in the mud, queue to use the portaloo (or be like a bear…), so alas my idea of a festival these days is camping out in the living room watching the live coverage on BBC3 all weekend. Not quite the same.

However, if I was going to a festival this summer (I’m still working on a one day ticket to the Hop Festival!), this is what I would wear:

Top – Evans (I think!) via Amanda

Harems  – Simply Be (2009!)

Sandals – Simply Be (2009!)

Trilby – ASOS men

I learnt in 1997 that wearing clothes you don’t want to risk the chance of ruining is a silly this! 1997 incidentally was the year Glastonbury was like a quagmire – I wore the same trousers for three days straight and when I got home my mother hosed me off before I was allowed in the house.

I know wellies are all the rage for festivals however, I haven’t been able to find a pair of wellies to fit my rugby player calves and I was being optimistic – not all festivals suffer wet weather! So the harems are comfy and will dry quickly if they get wet (denim doesn’t and when wet can chafe!!), easy t-shirt in a dirt resistant colour and impratical sandals – perfect!

I’m also going to try and feature a picture of me sitting in a few posts to try and make me feel better about seeing myself in that position. It’s not flattering but fuck it! It’s what I look like and I’m on a path to complete acceptance.

However if I was actually at a festival you are more likely to see me posing like this:

Are you going to any festivals this year? If so, which ones? Have you ever been to a festival? Which one? Who was your favourite act? Mine? Foo Fighters, Glastonbury, 1998. AMAZING.

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9 thoughts on “Five Take: Festival!

  1. Hi I am RaNae from Fort Worth Texas u look so beautiful in this outfit I don’t know what it is but the hat and the beautiful feather earrings U know I think it is because this outfit makes u feel really good and full of life and fun and carefree- at least that is what is shinning through to me.
    As for fetivals we have the 80’s rewind festival on dvr from 2011 we like watching all the festivals in England Isle ow Wight etc(good line up this year)
    We went to an Okie Noodling Festival this past weekend where they catch giant flat head catfish by hand it was pretty fun I am gonna blog about it later today. Here is a link to a show about noodling it is on Animal Planet

  2. If you worked at Rock City were you at University in Nottingham? I think we are a similar age, so if so, we might have been there at around the same time… I was a student at Nottingham University from 1998 – 2001, and then worked at the University for a couple of years afterwards.

    I really like your idea to put pictures of you sitting down in your posts. Hope it helps in your acceptance challenge. I try to smile properly in photos now so that even if they come out not very flattering I can say to myself “what does it matter, that’s a photo of me having a good time”

  3. You should try the wide calf wedge wellies. I keep on thinking about ordering them, buts its all a lot more expensive and unsure because I’m in the US. They look awesome and the calf seems to be quite generous. If you do let me know because I would love a pair of wellies that would fit my huge calves.

  4. It took a few seconds for me to get the “or be like a bear…” thing, but when I did I actually laughed out loud. A genuine LOL, indeed!😀

    I’ve never been camping in my life – I’m like Mr Claire! The prospect of being three days without hair straighteners is terrifying.
    However I did go to Radio 1 Festival a few years ago when it came to Sunderland. Unsurprisingly everybody went Northern style and didn’t bring a coat, so of course it hail-stoned all day….Was still fun though!😀

  5. Those Simply Be sandals are gorgeous! I love that you say “f*ck it” to flattering (though,really, the photo is indeed flattering). How many of us (myself included) are almost constantly trying to hide or minimize various parts of our bodies particularly in pictures — living in fear, basically. Courage to unapologetically be oneself is very attractive.

  6. […] I’m not a massive hat owner, I have a couple of winter ones but I mostly wear my hooded scarf from ASOS which can be seen here and here. During the summertime I try to keep a hat on my head whenever its hot and sunny – mainly to keep me from becoming too tomato esq!! I have two summer hats, well I have one and one I have umm “adopted” from the husband. They are the massive sun hat – seen again here and the Trilby seen here and here. […]

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