The OSP Challenge (FINALLY!)

After the whole Plus London Two debarcle, I was initially reluctant to have anything else to do with One Stop Plus. However, when they contacted me asking me if I would like to review an item, I decided to be a grown up and put everything behind me. However, I went back to them with a condition – that I could ask a few other bloggers to review the same item.

One Stop Plus chose the item – they are these trousers 


I chose the bloggers. I decided to ask bloggers who don’t get a review very often (or even ever), so I asked Beth, Sally, Kirsty, Gina and Wendy if they would be interested. Unfortunately due to other commitments, Kirsty had to drop out. But the others have now all blogged there outfits.

We were set the challenge of wearing the trousers causally and then smart and here is what I did:


Top – ASOS curve

Shoes – New Look

I decided to wear the trousers with my not so newly acquired dipped hem top (I bought it a few weeks ago and haven’t worn it!) – I really love dipped hems! Especially the OTT ones from ASOS. This is the second one I’ve got. I wore this outfit today to go to Ikea and buy HEAPS! The husband told me I looked like I was in my PJs – and I was so comfy I felt like I was in them! The trousers are light weight and loose, as is the top! Because I am a shortie, the legs are barely cropped on me. I had asked for a size 28/30 but got sent the 24/26 instead, so I would say they are true to size.

When I first got the trousers, I really didn’t like them. They were like the bastard child of a pair of harems and a pair of leggings and that didn’t seem to be a good mix. But after a couple of wears (I tried to do a blog post yesterday but realised that the grey of the trousers plus a grey dress I was wearing blended into one), they have loosened up nicely and today, I enjoyed wearing them.

Also I’ve included a picture of me sitting down. You rarely see a plus sized blogger sitting down – with me its mainly because I like to contort my body into a more flattering shape! However, today I was like “what the hell!” – also I wanted to show off our new garden bench. It’s a gift from both of us to both of us for our anniversary (which isn’t until September, hey ho!).


I decided to interpret smart as “going out” as I didn’t think I could even attempt to pull the trousers off as work smart! Here’s what I wore:

Top – Sienna Couture via a clothes swap (but can be found at New Look at the moment)

Shoes – New Look

I tried to wear my peplum t-shirt with the trousers to do a similar outfit to what I did here but it looked awful. I then panicked and proceeded to root around in my Narnia -esq wardrobe and I came up with the studded tunic. I picked it up a clothes swap I went to a few months ago, it was unworn complete with tags. This is how it remained until today! I have vowed to wear it when we go to Zoo Lates on Friday to make up for the fact a rather lovely top has not been worn! I think the blue with the grey and tan looks quite good. I also wore my new glasses but more about them in another post!

So challenge complete and I think I will keep the trousers as casual ones.

Remember to go and see how the others styled their trousers!

Beth –

Gina –

Sally –

Wendy –

7 thoughts on “The OSP Challenge (FINALLY!)

  1. Love the dressy look on you! So nice to see patterned trousers around at the moment, I’ve made a promise to myself to make more exciting choices when purchasing bottom half clothes! Great post!

  2. How true — interesting how we don’t usually see plus sized bloggers in photos sitting down. I have a bad habit of worrying about taking photos of me from the side, and now that I think about it, sitting down as well. How sad (and wrong).

    I’m all about comfort so really like these paisley print trousers. And they look really nice paired with the New Look shoes & bright blue blouse — very pretty!

    It’s also very nice that you thought to include other bloggers in the OSP review. I for one buy more clothing because I’ve seen it reviewed and worn by a blogger, so OSP made a wise choice. It really does help the consumer (and probably helps sales).

    Now off to check out the other reviews…

    • I know, I might make an effort to sit down more often…or even lay down! Haha. I think brands really should use bloggers more often – especially ASOS – I only ever buy stuff I’ve seen on a blogger.

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