Five Take: Thrifted

This might be bad for a blogger to admit but what the hell I don’t like to confirm…  I don’t own anything thrifted! So when I saw this week’s five take challenge I was a bit stumped.

However, I then got thinking to the items that are second hand in my wardrobe – all the bits I’ve got from clothes swaps. The added bonus these bits have on something thrifted is that they were entirely FREE! So here is my outfit – made up of items I’ve picked up from swaps!

T-shirt – from Debbie (Pixieandmurphy on Twitter) via Fat Swap Shop

Cardigan – from unknown via Swap All The Clothes 

Jeans – from Amanda via Gather The Women

Not the most exciting outfit I’ve ever worn but it was perfect for dealing with a wet and miserable Monday morning. The jeans are super skinny on my legs and I really love dark denim. The t-shirt is a favourite of mine, its thin and fitted and the cardigan has been worn lots! I do like baggy cardigans. Considering the whole outfit didn’t cost me a thing I think its a total win even if it wont inspire people!

I’m not sure what’s going on with the others and this challenge – Rebecca & Nicole are only just back from New York and Full Figured Fashion Week and Gina is decorating her daughter’s bedroom rather than posing around in outfits! So its just me and Becky holding the Five Take fort – so go check out what Becky is wearing!

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