Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home.

T-shirt – H&M+

Cardigan – Evans Collection 2011

Skirt – made by Kirsty

Shoes – New Look

The last time I wore my Ladybird Kirsty skirt, I was quite unconventional with it. When I wore it for work this week, I decided to be a little more “safe” in what I wore it with. A simple t-shirt and plain cardigan and I let the skirt talk for itself. I got a few comments at work – mostly “ooh you’re very bright today” which I took to be compliments!! I did however, have three women on the DLR from Lewisham come up to me separately and ask me where I’d got the skirt from! I’m clearly making a statement in the fat community of Lewisham!

Kirsty is still making skirts which you can buy for an extremely reasonable price through her etsy store. Plus she will be selling a few bits on her stall at the fattylympics on 7 July (which is only just over a month a way! Holy cow!!).  I will certainly be taking a look at what she has to offer!

7 thoughts on “Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home.

  1. I love this skirt and will hopefully be getting one soon! Kirsty is fab and I love her craftyness! Wish I was crafty x

  2. the skirt is lovely – I’m not suprised you got got so many nice comments. I love the 50s feel to this look. x

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