Blogger Generic

Denim shirt – c/o

Skirt – made by Kirsty

Shoes – New Look

The denim shirt has become ubiquitous among blogging circles, especially amongst straight sized bloggers. So when Very contacted me asking if I wanted to pick a couple of items to review, I decided to give the denim shirt a go. I already had one denim shirt but it was a bit too tight, so I gave it away in a swap. I did massively size up for this one (I think it’s a size 32), and it’s not overly big on me.

The blue of the shirt compliments the yellow of my bird print Kirsty skirt perfectly. I shoved on a pair of tan wedges as well. I did feel like a LOT of my leg was on show, more than I’m used to. I think in future I will put my Domino Dollhouse petticoat on underneath for added security.

What other items of clothing do you identify with being very blogger generic?

11 thoughts on “Blogger Generic

  1. i love how you put the shirt with that skirt it looks great makes me want one but button downs seem to be my enemy and always gape! xx

  2. I love this on you. I also have a denim shirt bought in my true size which just looks too tight on me. Think I need to size up with the next one.

    Blogger generic – anything from Zara😀


  3. You are so right about the blue of the denim shirt working well with the yellow of the skirt, I love it. I have been thinking about getting a denim shirt as well but I have terrible flash backs of my parents from the late 80s early 90s wearing them and I was always super embarrassed by it.

    I always think of red pants, particularly red skinny jeans, as blogger generic.

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