Five Take: Animal Print

This week’s challenge for Five Take is animal print. This trend, which has been around for at least six years now, hasn’t really won me over. I picked up this animal print cardigan from H&M inclusive at Fat Swap Shop last September:

But mostly, animal print doesn’t appeal to me. That was until I saw these jeans from New Look:

They were a bit more subtle than the usual animal print items, so when they dropped from £26.99 to £9.99, I had them. I had some trepidation after seeing  Jo’s blog about them, but spending a tenner and them not working out was better than spending nearly £30. When they arrived, I really liked them. I wore them to my local farmer’s market to meet a friend for lunch last Saturday and didn’t get a single funny look! So they are a win in my book!

This is what I wore with them…

Top – New Look

Vest – New Look

Shoes – Crocs

I unintentionally wore all New Look! I decided to keep it simple, but I’m tempted to wear a Breton top with them next time or double up on the print and wear the cardigan too!!

Do you like animal print?

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10 thoughts on “Five Take: Animal Print

  1. Ahh the jeans!! I was so gutted when they just didnt sit right on me , i think its because i have knock knees no trousers ever sit right on me ;-( . Glad they work for you thou😉 Great price at 9.99 defo worth a punt!

  2. I really love that cardigan. I’m not totally in love with animal print either, and I usually only wear it in really small amounts, but I like these jeans and their subtlety. Cute look!

  3. Love them, they are so subtle. I do like a bit of animal print I have to say – combined with a bit of red – like a red clutch or shoes.🙂

  4. I love those jeans! New Look has really been killing it lately with their trousers and shorts – so many prints and colours I want to try! You look gorgeous as usual❤

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